Started by Plunger, 26-12-2009

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Or however you spell his name was brainwashed by Monolith again, and to prevent mutlifaction confusion I'll need to ask you to remove him from the Military roster.


Yeah he made a choice to come back to me and he did and we managed to rp it out.


Didn't Know my name was so hard >_> But yeah, I didn't get off the Military Roster cause of Jackal leaving and Radek being super Unactive.


I thought it said 'Poxisatard' when I quickly looked at it, lol.
"Yes, we will be changed and we will march with him, then all the world will have his colour and his light and his madness."

Ace: Howdy-do, Killslim.
Paintcheck: Uh...
Paintcheck: Wrong window