Playing a trader

Started by Bagelz, 04-09-2009

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I understand the lack of applications! Playing a trader is one of the most; if not one of the hardest roles on the server, and one of the most boring if done incorrectly. Many think playing a trader is easy because you have access to every item on the server. While this may be true, it does not make it any easier. The fact that people can focus their characters on any type of roleplay; brings many possibilities to the field; including passive, and active.

Playing a trader is rather difficult later on due to the large player-base that commonly wants to purchase goods all the time. You might be thinking "Hey, that's not so bad", but trust me. When you're on your trader, have 3 steam chats in your steam-menu, and have 4 people in the bar, and 2 mercenaries asking where their next hit is, THAT is when it gets difficult. But playing a trader is one of the most rewarding positions on the server itself....

Playing a trader itself although in the beginning is overall a pretty easy challenge. People buy goods, and you sell goods! But once you rise in the ranks, that's when it starts to get interesting. After a long time once you earn leaders of factions, and high-ranking others trust; you will start to experience extremely fun role-play and make massive amounts of money. Although, you don't have to do jack-shit to make massive amounts of money, or have great role-play. Earning trust of faction leaders is just to help further advance it.

Since the Traders Union has basically always created, and owned the economy; we practically run the economy itself. We control it, and we manipulate it. But we do NOT cheat it. Traders are the ones to usually possess the most rubles of anyone on the server at all times. We've had traders that have made over millions of rubles in a matter of weeks. The reason? Because they're good at it. People that make this kind of income don't just make it for nothing... And I'll discuss it further.

Playing a trader requires a unique way with words to be excellent at the role. You must be persuasive, you must be quick, and you must be cunning. One slip-up of your words can end your entire trade...or even your business. If you want to make money, then you have to be polite. You CANNOT treat other players with disrespect and expect them to purchase your goods afterwords. As well, you must be persuasive if you want to get far. The Traders Union greatest traders got to where they are through the most persuasive of words. Persuading your customers can mean anything. It can mean buying a gun well under its value, or it can mean selling an entire shipment of RPG's to the Ukraine Army. The whole cunning part means that if you DO slip-up in your words, then you better know how to correct it. You can lose your life itself if you say the wrong things, and even worse if you take them further. We've lost many traders in their line of work because of it.

Overall, in your time of being a trader you will gain many things. The most important, is that you will gain the trust of the most important people in the Zone, and you will make many friends. I hope the traders that apply and are accepted are here for the roleplay more-over the money. And most importantly "HAVE FUN". If you experience any troubles, contact me. If you have suggestions, complaints, or anything bothering you, do not hesitate to contact me.