PDA Logs-Dimitri Shalevon

Started by Stormtrooper333, 27-01-2011

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This is my first attempt at making some IC pda logs.Please,dont act like an ass if you dont like it.

Log 4-I joined duty today.Fuckin' great!Me and my friend Vladimir are just recruits right now,but the colonel and Lieutenant are nice folk.It's been nice meeting with the other soldiers and superior officers. Everythings been going great, Nothing bad, just some training and rest. After about an hour of rest,we were called up to gaurd duty. Me and Vlad,that is, at the front gate. Gaurding is quite boring,but hey, if some merc comes in and plants a bomb, whos gonna stop 'em?End of PDA Log 4-Dimitri Shalevon