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Outer Guardsman:Information:Preaches,Branches,etc:

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   The Outer Guardsmen are the Monolith forces deployed to the outer limits of The Zone in order to halt faction movements to the center, and brainwash more members into the army. All Guardsmen use all manners of defense to keep themselves protected, but make no attempts to hide there whereabouts from outsiders. They are the most important forces second only to the barrier guardsmen of the Army Warehouses.


As long as your already in monolith your already one of these
Branches in monolith
These are basically the main jobs and things you will do in monolith. Even though most the time you will all participate in wars. This may kind of show how your character is and also what he will do in monolith. The religious is more spiritual and more intone with rituals and the monolith itself. The military is the main units who will go fetch and kill the enemies. They are mainly focused on fighting and less ritual. Even though fighting could be considered a ritual. Killing enemies and taking land for the monolith. The follower branch is the one everyone starts in. But has it own uses. They do a bit of both but often deal with keeping up moral and each other. They follow each other in to battle and into worship. Doing work for the monolith. They are the main forces in the monolith. They also have a preaches to lead them also.
Preaches of the Monolith

These are basiclly the leaders of the branches besides the main leaders of the monolith. When someone reaches the highest rank in the branches the can prove them selves and do a test to become a preacher in the monolith. There are three Preaches that can be earned.

Preacher of  War

Preacher of Faith

Preacher of Following
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