Ok that dose it LISTEN UP

Started by Commissar Nitro, 09-08-2009

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Commissar Nitro

Hate me all you like but understand this If i stop you from doing somthing IT's FOR A REASON NOT OUT OF SPITE.

Also if i critisise you and offer sugestions on how to avoid/improve on said fuck up IT IS NOT A CHALAGE FOR A FIGHT OR AN ARGUMENT.

And plotting to get rid of me is just childish and pathetic.

And understand this tommorow on the SRP server im running an allday training session for Running and Eventing Faction engagments. Allso on APROPRIATE BEHAVIOUR under RP situations. Any digsat me or derailing this thread or abuse during said training.... welll yea you know what will happen.

Ill eat ya!
Cry Havoc And Let Slip The Dogs Of War.

Dark Angel

**Puts sauce on her**

I'm ready to be eated =)


OK, what times? Are you just gunna post an event on SF ooor?