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Started by Lucidius, 21-09-2009

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So, not to be biased or anything but IMO I think bloodsuckers are kinda pointless to have in an RP server.

I mean, to me if some one suggested it in a STALKER RP server I ran, I would jsut dismiss it as an excuse to DM/Kill people. Don't know how your going to RP against a blood sucker without it involving one of them dieing.

I don't know, but that's just me.

A mutant that I would however see a lot of RP opportunities with, is the Izlom.

Don't know what an Izlom is?

Quote from: Stalker PDA

Unkown human mutations, results of genetic experimentation, or left-behind people twisted by the Zone's unstable enviroment. Supposedly has a hypotrophic limb that enables telepathy. It's face closely resembes that of a normal human being. This creature is very cunning. In most cases, it hides it's telepathic lumb under a cloak.

From afar it resembles a hunchback hermit, sometimes it tries deliberatly to lure in unsuspecting Stalkers with a request or conversation. As soon as the Stalker turns around, it stands up straight and attacks with it's Hypotrophic limb. If a Stalker shares some food with this creature, then it might share some very interesting information about the Zone, or tell a story. It eats rats, dogs, fleshes, and sometimes people. It c
zan sometimes follow a solitary Stalker, robbing him while he sleeps.
(would also be a reason to carry food and drink lol)

Quote from: STALKER wiki
Bloodsuckers are a type of rare mutant usually found in the deeper areas of the Zone, often underground. They seem vaguely humanoid, with a hunched stance and height similar to that of an average person. Their eyes are lambent and their mouths are surrounded by several powerful tentacles used for feeding.

Edit: I know it's donater only but still, and also this is not me SUGGESTING THIS TO CREATE IT, or anythin liek that, just if it was more accepted then the bloodsuckers maybe a replacement?

Anyways, don't take it was me trying to get power, I won't gain anything from this.
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I think your wrong, and right on some things.

I recently got bloodsucker donator on my own Bloodsucker Null. i was playing on him today and my goal isnt to run around and just kill people. In fact i engaged in over 8 RP events with a bunch of freedomers who locked themselves in a room and heres how i play bloodsucker.

  • -Logon Null
  • -Walk around and see what type of people are playing, factions etc. also check for events that are going on.
  • -After i get a good idea on were people are and what their doing then i begin hunting mode.
  • -Ill walk around and try to find lone stalkers and scare them a bit. i wont attack them but ill cloak/make sounds and do a couple of binded me's such as "Null gets closer to his prey waiting for a chance to strike." and then i just walk away.
  • -If i see some guys building a base or soemthing like the freedom group today i cloaked and walked up behind someone. I uncloaked and roared in their face and the reaction was fantastic, he shot his own teammate and i cloaked and the freedomers were running around like madmen.
  • -If i get a group scared enough ill try to make them hole up in a room or an area and just do some scratches on the wall and do a couple of me's and some roaring and then just leave them be.
  • -my goal as a bloodsucker is not to kill players, just to add enviorment to the server. the only exception when i will kill someone is when they are underground, Fairly low armed, and do not have some type of super-armor.
  • -When i am about to kill a person (if i ever do) i will let them know in Local OOC. i will inform them that they are alone, underpowered, and have no chance against a bloodsucker. i will then proceed to harass them until they fall off and die, walk into an anomaly, or i end up killing them. but i ALWAYS try to let them escape for Rp's sake.

Bllodsucker is not a fun job, but its a job none the less. i say regular Bloodsuckers should be commended (if there good and dont minge around and just chase people on the open plains) and given credit were credit is due if earned.

On the other hand it annoys me when i get sniped by factions and they sit on a hill a million miles away and that just me everything and kill me long distance. ignoring the rule that they should fear me and if im not bugging them dont bug me back. unless you see me attacking/chasing someone down and you happen to be within 50 yards. just go minge and say OMFWTF Bloodsucker run two miles and just shoot me in the ehad and say ok i saved you 1000 Rubles please.

Most likely you were killed by another bloodsucker whos not very creative and got the jump on you. sorry but it happens and you should try to get his sucker removed.

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Your wrong, there's loads of opportunities to roleplay as a bloodsucker, it's really not that difficult, you can stalk someone, roleplay trying to grab a hold of that person, roleplay with other suckers. It's pretty fun, and it's generally passive, it's not really a dm class as you think.

Izlom are those zombies with long hands, they are a huge dm factor in STALKER, and are real bitches, added back through oblivion lost, they have no hitboxes and take forever to take down in the early stages of stalker when you have nothing more than a pistol.

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Bloodsuckers are awesome for roleplay, they're fun,scary and add to the environment. If you think they are kind of pointless, you should see what 4 roleplaying bloodsuckers can add to a full server.

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I always RP on my sucker , i make people RP on suckers ...

If i see DM i usually punish people.

Really easy.


Have you ever seen ThY RP on his sucker? I've had more fun RPing with his sucker than with some of the human STALKERs. If you see a sucker loldming everyone in sight report it to the admins and we'll take care of it.

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Yeah (Razor) Thys sucker is awesome i luv to rp with him when hes a sucker xDDD


I understand what you mean Lucidius, but as everyone have said, they are infact good for the rp.
Bloodsuckers can create different rp situations just by being nearby. People tend to run away from suckers (most of the times) or try to kill them. This kind of situation creates good rp and it can also be used in missions. "Killing/capturing a sucker" mission can be really fun and pretty hard aswell and players usally like it.

Since we have good players that play them, in the end, having a Bloodsucker flag is good for everyone.
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I stopped reading after the first sentance.
They are good at making the atmosphere in RP. And /me giving more chance to RP



..about the bloodsuckers. How to become one without donating?



Well, I don't think so.
And i don't want to.


Just sounds like a zombie.
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Thy, hm, cant? Is there a thread for donations then? I mean, how much and how?




In OL they added it back but AI wise, it's just a zombie. The reason why being that GSC abandoned the Izlom early on in developement so the AI is very old.

Next thing you know you'll be able to donate for flesh flags and it'll be 20 fleshes versus 3 stalkers lol.

And if that's all how you feel, disregard what I said and focus on talking about the izlom plox.
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You can donate for bloodsuckers right now, and it's not 20 vs 3.


Quote from: Locke on 22-09-2009and it's not 20 vs 3.

It was a joke, i'm super cereal.

Now post about the Original post or gtfo plox @ everyone.

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