New leadership, if you want to stay in Duty post here.

Started by Gonztah, 17-11-2012

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Post here if you want to stay in Duty. Servers not going to be back up in a while but I'd like to get around to the roster. I've removed some people I don't recall seeing almost ever and those who I know won't stay in Duty. If you've been removed but you want to stay talk to me.

Steven :D

Moved all non-stickied/important topics back to the Scrapyard. Congratulations on your new position.

Lucky Pig


Not sure if I have to post if I don't want to stay but if I'm still on roster you can get rid of me as I'm in Military now
Congrats on the position Gonztah :)

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I'd like to remain being in Duty. Haven't been around too much lately, but that's mainly because the server is down, and that's the only thing that brings me here lol.
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Steven :D

I'd recommend getting an activity check going since the server is close to launch.