My resignation.

Started by Steel, 23-12-2009

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Unfortunatly, it brings me to bare sad news.
I have been with the military since i have joined HGN, a good 5 months ago, i have seen it rise, and drop in popularity, i have witnessed alot in the 5 months.
I made it to co-leader, but unfortunatly i will be giving that spot up.
Due to recent events, over the last few weeks, i will be leaving.
My reasons being are:
It has been attempted to be revived, it succeded then failed days later, due to 4 members, NEW members leaving in 3 days for IC reasons.
And these last few weeks have actually been exciting for military, there is no issue of leadership or anything. Just people not wanting to be in military.
I apologise to those of you that im letting down.
I have a suitable option for a new faction i will be joining, seeing as i am now Ex-military.
Good day.


Oh well, See you in the zone.


Hm....Well, I know that you still love me so.
Good luck!
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You will be missed. In that case, perhaps I'll have to bring back someone...