Mutant Rules & Regulations [Being updated]

Started by ThY, 02-08-2009

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Mutant territory is the underground and swamp in every map. (Red forest structure too.) Any un-permitted buildings, bases or events the land will be destroyed without hesitation or warning. Please also note that I will be hesitant to deal with issues depending on the respect returned. Don't expect a speedy resolution if you are just acting nice to get your way.

Bloodsucker Rules
QuoteBloodsuckers are a type of rare mutant usually found in the deeper areas of the Zone, often underground. They seem vaguely humanoid, with a hunched stance and height similar to that of an average person. Their eyes are lambent and their mouths are surrounded by several powerful tentacles used for feeding.

1. The claws weapon is only to be used with permission from the victim after a roleplay. Some exceptions are to be made.
2. No mutants may enter a major factions main base. Only ThY can give exeptions. Any other offence is STK
3. Obay and respect the roster
4. No one at any given time may roleplay being friendly or kind towards anything non-mutant. (Note rule 5.)
5. Mutants are neutral towards all monolithians
6. Do not back-seat admin the server with your abilities.
7. Use correct grammar.
8. Give every player the chance to roleplay to your attacks.
9. Attacking in large groups is preferable, but still not a solid rule.
10. Any attempt of acting/performing or being involved in sexual activities on your bloodsucker will be met with a donator blacklist, and possibly a ban.
11. Obay the up-to-date STALKER Server rules and regulations.
12. Don't be afraid of Exosuits in close combat, or let them bully you about. Bloodsuckers will normally win as exosuits are made to protect the user against projectiles.
13. Bloodsuckers can attack while cloaked, it's only about a Nanosecond after the strike that the creature will uncloak.
14. Mutants are permitted to loot from people they have killed. The loot won't be used by the mutant IC and it will contribute to events and stashes in the future.

Rules to obay when facing a bloodsucker

1. You are not an experienced mutant hunter. Nor Rambo, nor chuck Norris. (Unless authed ofcourse)
2 Remember that bloodsuckers are stronger you, more agile than you, faster than you; infact. You only beat them on one feat. Intelligence.
3.Have fun! Report problems, but don't take it seriously. It's just a game!
4.At every given moment you must give a bloodsucker time to respond to any actions or roleplays. Even if it is shooting.
5. No bloodsucker can be captured or tamed without ThY's authority, I have the right to destroy any roleplay with un-fit actions.
6.See a bloodsucker acting friendly? Get logs and report it to me.
7. May I remind those who own Exosuits, do not expect to win anything in close combat with a bloodsucker.

Controller Rules
QuoteA rare mutant seen near to the center of the Zone. It bears a superficial resemblance of a humanoid with a disproportionately big head. Despite their appearance, they are highly intelligent, possess good perception and an ability to control the behaviors of less developed creatures. Mature specimens are capable of taking control of a human's mind. This is a ferocious enemy, even the most experienced stalkers are afraid of meeting it. According to some stalkers, Controllers can make it seem that you are surrounded by your friends, but actually you are surrounded by zombies; or it might seem that you are walking on a pathway, but actually you are about to fall of a cliff. Fortunately, this is never done by a Controller to the player.

1. Read and obey all the above
2. Spamming/Abusing of your power (E.g. Mucking up people's screens) will be taken very serious.
3. No emotions or mercy.
4. Stay away from major faction bases.
5.Try keep in the shade/darkness.
6.And run out of spawn as fast as you can. So you don't muck up anyones screen.
7. No loitering in public places or spawn.

Controller RP[/b]
Controllers are in SRP for fear roleplay. Although they are incapable to roleplay with due to the blue overlay, STK is not always permitted. "All fights are STK" does not take effect with Controllers. Generally attack with the same force a controller attacks you with. If it isn't attacking, don't attack it. You are very very scared in-character.

Zombified Stalker rules:
QuoteIn Call of Pripyat, zombified stalkers will even loot weapons and artifacts, and will even use the weapons if they are better than their current weapon. This is why you can sometimes find multiple weapons on the last zombified stalker killed in a horde.

Work in progress

Dog/Giant/Ghost/Other Rules
QuoteSeveral generations of the dog species have lived and died since the catastrophe. Each was more affected by the Zone than the previous one. Rapid mutation lead to a vast improvement in previously peripheral abilities, frequently at the expense of primary ones. The most notable biological change was the loss of sight, paired with an uncanny development of smell. As it turned out, blind cubs survived in the Zone as well as normal ones, if not better. As a result, the common dog quickly became extinct in the Zone, giving way to a new breed - that of blind dogs. The animals instinctively identify and avoid anomalies, radiation, and other invisible dangers that plague the Zone. Like their wild ancestors - the wolves - blind dogs hunt in packs. An encounter with a large group of these animals can be dangerous even to an experienced and well-armed stalker.
Work in progress


lol -snip-.
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Dark Angel

They way people understand canon friendly bloodsuckers is diffrent.

Canon fsuckers were just not attacking unless in need. And kept away so basically they can be called Nsuckers >_>

But people think that fsuckers are **HUGS** and **PETS**


Lesbian's 'sucker still pwns me so she wouldn't be considered "friendly".


YEa.. Minerva keeps trying to Push me off buildings and shit :P
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It looks good ThY, good job :)
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Nice guide ThY, but unfortunately many people will just STK whatever the situation.
I myself support RP with bloodsuckers, but there is one flaw I've noticed.
In S.t.a.l.k.e.r. whenever you see a mutant, you put as much distance as possible between you and the mutant. Anyone would. You wouldn't let them get close, but they need to get close in order to RP, but if they get close they will kill you. Catch 22. 
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Yeah what KillSlim said is true, but still, I'm sure that it will work out fine :)
Otherwise I'm pretty sure that you will think of something good that will make it work :)
"I know who I am! I'm a dude playing a dude diquised as another dude!"

The myth says that Radek has two arms, the myth also says that the devil has two arms. Coincidence? I think not.

Rhyom Guther

Make /me radius larger.


Or just don't shoot suckers on sight. Every sucker I've ever seen RPs with /me and never even uses the claw SWEP (except to make the growling sounds).


im not ure i get the /me thing can some one explain it please.


Quote from: Caboose on 11-08-2009
im not ure i get the /me thing can some one explain it please.

It means suckers don't just stab and run adn you should not shoot them on sight before they can /me their intentions.


Uhm. Why is he he- . . . Never mind. Never mind.


Stickied for extended use, very helpful of ThY to make this.


Thanks Locke!

Ill update it for more info when i can. =D


From what I've seen and experienced, The /Me radius is in need of a large 'distance' modification.

For instance, The 'talk zone' is extremely small, So the /Me zone should be bigger to conteract this problem, No?

If someone /Me beckons (Person) over.
Then they could catch their attention from afar.


Yeah, I agree with that, it bugs me when I can't do a /me from far away.


Same with the, /me pounces.   
They usually run past when your typing it. So they dont see the incoming /me.
But i binded =D


So are we in agreement?

Extending the /Me zone would be appropriate?


Not really, the /me's of lots of people in a confined space (Like a bar for instance) would be overpowering, there would be too much to read if people are both talking and doing /me's.
Just bind it like everyone else, but make it detailed and attempted.
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I owned one bloodsuckah yesterday, not proud of it tho. Didn't know they shouldn't be killed on sight ^^ But he explained me everything so that's fine.
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So heres a couple questions:

1. Do bloodsuckers remain in underground areas?

2. An example of a me kill?
* asoldier290 is scavenging for food.
* asoldier290 sees a flashlight bobbing in the tunnel ahead.
* asoldier290 observes that the prey is of low threat and might make a quick snack.
*Cloaks and gets near the stalker making Noises using Claw SWEP*
*Stalker freaks and becomes on high alert*
*Bloodsucker waits around the corner at an ambush spot*
*Stalker who is 90% flipped out of his mind slowly turns the corner*
*Bloodsucker Uncloaks makes screaming noise in the stalkers face on being discovered and cloaks and runs off watching the panicked stalker shoot like a madman wasting his ammo*
*Stalker decides to try and make it back out alive*
*Bloodsucker follows and decides when to pounce on fleeing stalker*
* asoldier290 Pounces on the fleeing stalker and sears a gaping wound into his back.
*Stalker Dies*
* asoldier290 reaches inside the stalker and retrieves nourishment

3. Do bloodsuckers have a feed meter? or do whatever they can RP with?

4. whats the benefit of being a Variant Bloodsucker?

5. Do the Bloodsuckers have a pounce of are they just faster runners?

6. I saw there's a Neutral Bloodsucker thing and i think that's lame, is RPing an Extremely territorial Aggressive bloodsucker allowed?

7. what do you do as a Zombified STALKER (Just asking)


Intesting and good questions! Add Thyeagle in steam, and ill answer them all.


your name dosent exist on steam friends. add asoldier290


Quote from: ThY101 on 20-09-2009
Intesting and good questions! Add Thyeagle in steam, and ill answer them all.

answering them here would answer them for anyone else who wants to know, so that you don't have to answer said questions multiple times.

I'm curious myself now about 7.
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