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on: 03-09-2009
Category A
   IC name                     Type                    OOC Name   
Razor          Bloodsucker - Alphamale        ThY 
Snarl         Bloodsucker - Alphamale (Sv.2)      ThY   
Shrapnel       Bloodsucker - Enhanced Hide (Absorbs smaller rounds 9x19&9x18)  Headcrabs
Cowboy          Science Assisted Mutation        Blake
Category B
   IC name                     Type                    OOC Name   
Shrapnel          Veteran Bloodsucker        Headcrabs
Loki       Veteran Bloodsucker      Kieck 
Dog       Blind Dog - Rouge Alphamale      Commisar
Category C
   IC name                     Type                    OOC Name   
Malice         Experienced Bloodsucker        Thanatos
Lanclaw      Experienced Bloodsucker      FrostyFrosty
Predetor     Experienced Bloodsucker      Paralyzed
Category D
   IC name                     Type                    OOC Name   
Stingray      Controller    YortyD33tly
Tiny      Bloodsucker      GeneralGold   
Chiropter       Bloodsucker      N/A
Blade        Bloodsucker      Madcombat   
Ares       Bloodsucker      Paintcheck
Big Red     Bloodsucker      Exile   
Thanatos       Bloodsucker      MangoMan
Revenant       Bloodsucker      Steven   
Ripper       Bloodsucker      Chrono   
Karnage       Bloodsucker      Sir PictoWolf
Dog       Bloodsucker      Commisar Nitro 
Hammer       Bloodsucker      Thanatos
Greed     Bloodsucker      Commanthe2   
Subject 63       Controller      Visari
Slicer       Bloodsucker      Mr Khorn   
Blind Fury       Bloodsucker      Rebel   
WhirlWind       Bloodsucker      Doomburger
Grit     Bloodsucker      MikeyWrenn   
Axel       Bloodsucker      AndrewHatesYou
Omen      Bloodsucker    N/A
Jagger      Bloodsucker    N/A
Blade      Bloodsucker    Madcombat
Melt      Bloodsucker    N/A
Royz      Bloodsucker    Royz
Harrox      Bloodsucker    N/A
Daze      Bloodsucker    N/A
Banshee      Bloodsucker    N/A
Woe      Bloodsucker    N/A
Straxu      Bloodsucker    N/A
Roar      Bloodsucker    Duranblackraven (SW)
Sword      Bloodsucker    N/A
Izlom      Bloodsucker    Bielecki
Nex     Bloodsucker    Laraunya
Shade      Bloodsucker    Celtic
Asphyxiation      Bloodsucker    N/A
Gertok       Bloodsucker    Assassinator(?)
Bloodhound      Bloodsucker    Steven
Gore      Bloodsucker    Buck
Volm      Bloodsucker    Sharrock
Kain     Bloodsucker    Commissar Nitro
Leo     Bloodsucker    N/A
Cinok     Bloodsucker    N/A
Eros      Bloodsucker    N/A
Faint      Controller    Exile
Krunai     Bloodsucker    Blackflunk
Badger     Bloodsucker    Yorty
Leviathan      Bloodsucker    Solidus
Subject 43      Controller    Picto Wolf
Hex      Bloodsucker    Smithy
Plague      Bloodsucker    Bucky
Alexis      Bloodsucker    eroticduck
Scarlet      Bloodsucker    Astarthia/Laraunya
Sickle      Bloodsucker    PacMan502
Forsaken      Bloodsucker    Lent23
Forgotten      Bloodsucker    Jared47
Cripper      Bloodsucker    SWAT
Pale      Bloodsucker    Sgt Spartans
Relish      Bloodsucker    Marshy
Siphon      Bloodsucker    Ylsid
    Bloodsucker    Bucky
Subject 43 'Palm'      Controller    Marshy
Subject 73 'Hysteria'    Controller    Solidus
Pernix     Bloodsucker    Corocan
Penumbra      Bloodsucker    Overwatch
Kroegar      Bloodsucker    D33tly
Urug     Bloodsucker    mleczko35
Accursed      Bloodsucker    PwnyXpress
Howler      Bloodsucker    DiskoStew
Abaddon     Bloodsucker    CC
Neo      Bloodsucker    Reorp
Wind      Bloodsucker    Red bull
Teal     Bloodsucker    Black-star
Fox     Bloodsucker    TheScareCrow
Subject 23     Controller    Lent23
   IC name                     Type                    OOC Name   
FireFly/Mica Poltergeist Steven
Ember Poltergeist ThY
Malevolence  Poltergeist Thanatos
The Roaming Sorrow  Poltergeist Khorn
   IC name                     Type                    OOC Name   
Albino 1  Horrific, Twisted creation ThY
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Reply #1 on: 03-09-2009
Ares Tall | Feral | Patient

I'm not neutral but Ares is a curious sucker who can be distracted. Though I definitely am not like ThY.
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Reply #2 on: 03-09-2009
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  • Wait.... Wut?
Reply #3 on: 12-09-2009
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Reply #4 on: 17-09-2009

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Reply #5 on: 18-09-2009
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Reply #6 on: 21-09-2009
Null Aggressive|Hunter|Non-Territorial

Also My CLoak weapon does not show up and it glitches alot anyone know how to fix this issue?


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Reply #7 on: 23-09-2009
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Reply #8 on: 23-09-2009
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Reply #9 on: 25-09-2009
Ripper Giantus Oozing|Massive|Malicious

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  • Thats all I got to say about that.
Reply #10 on: 27-09-2009
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  • Its not that I don't care, Its just im lazy.
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Reply #11 on: 18-10-2009

Reaver|Missing Tentacle

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Reply #12 on: 19-10-2009
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I added you on steam friends to talk about me being neutral.
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Just mentioning my character to prevent any future hassle, I don't go on it since Bloodsucker RP is heavily limited.

"Yes, we will be changed and we will march with him, then all the world will have his colour and his light and his madness."

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Nightmare also has a IC spear he carries around, he decorates it with the skulls of dead STALKERS.


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Looking forward to being a Bloodsucker :3


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Lots of RP experience with this one, I know the RP for him.


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