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Mutant Complaints (New strike system)

ThY · 1138

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The official Mutant Complaint thread, where action will be taken against the rightfully accused.
Dont let the incident slip past to repeat itself, put an end to it here.

It is the users decision if they wish to PM me with the form, or post it here.

Complaining about a mutant

Code: [Select]
OOC Name:
Which mutant IC:
Which mutant OOC:
Your IC name at the time (If applicable):
Any Proof:
Previous Encounters or Problems (If any):
Suggested Punishment:

Complaining about a player

concerning mutants
Code: [Select]
Which mutant were you IC:
Your steam name to contact you by:
Who are you accusing IC and OOC:
Proof if any:
Previous Encounters or Problems (if any):
Suggested Punishment:

Updated December 2010

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Reply #1 on: 10-12-2010
Issue Solved
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Which mutant were you IC: Sickle
Your steam name to contact you by: Add killa5002 (It will show up -CB- *Cpl.* Pac Man
Who are you accusing IC and OOC:  Oksland Brusik [HGN-HLSV] Sharrock
Reason: Just...completly refused to RP, and avoided RP.
Proof if any: ** Sickle quickly runs up behind the man in the seva, slashing at his back vigerously.
[LOOC] Sickle: Sorry was typing when you were walking
(/) [OOC] David Walsh: Like? Bond.. James Bond.
[LOOC] Oksland Brusik: And this is why I don't RP with suckers/
[LOOC] Sickle: Erm...?
[LOOC] Sickle: Wait what?
[LOOC] Sickle: The fuck man?
(/) [OOC] Sickle: Well thats great Mr. Seva guy, completly ignore RP..

Previous Encounters or Problems (if any): Nothing with him.
Suggested Punishment: I dunno...I'm just...what the fridge? Whatever you think is neccesary


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'The only exception to this are mutants, which are STM and must be roleplayed unless agreed upon otherwise, though they can be STK'ed if they are in a Major Faction Base, or easily visible from it.'

Taken for 7.0b in the Stalker RP Rules and Regulations, which is stickied in the main SRP thread. Bloodsuckers within a few feet of a base are up for STK, along with those inside the base unless you have authorization to do so from Thy or a Server Supervisor.

With that out of the way, you're both in the wrong. Slendermang should have stayed in character and not use the physdesc to see your position, and you shouldn't have been that close to the base. In the future stay away from major faction bases, and those dealing with mutants need to learn to take the fact they're cloaked as they are INVISABLE, even if you can see their OOC physdesc floating above their heads.

Edit: Appearantly it wasn't Slender. Whatever, what I've said still has a place here.
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