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More Appaling Leadership.

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on: 22-07-2009
Hello HGN administration. Today I went on the STALKER server, and changed my OOC name to Masterchief415, and my IC name to Marked One, a likely noobish combo. Now, I went around the server asking people ICly how to get guns and how to play. A likely noobish act. Do you know what some people did and even 2 admins did? They told me to gtfo and killed me. Now I'm sorry but that is no way to treat a new player. Yes, being new may be frustrating for you, but think about them. They get shot killed, and flamed for being new. They sure as hell ain't coming back, and we can't afford to lose new players. I'm not going to name any names, but you know who you were admins. I'm going to be on the server more often, and I'll be under a different OOC name, and IC name, and be acting nooby. I'll be asking for help, and if I get the same response as last time. Admins especially, are going to have some explaining to do. We need new players, not people with a grudge against HGN. Hopefully this will put some fire under you to help new players because of fear of losing admin or something. IDK, but seriously help the newbs.

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Reply #1 on: 22-07-2009
I wasnt there, try again some time. Alot of people dont do their jobs for some reason X.X


Reply #2 on: 07-08-2009
Wow, appalling on quite a few levels, it's your job to help new people, help them out.


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