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Military Roster

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on: 28-08-2009
Ukrainian Mili Roster

The number next to the rank indicates open slots.
Put both OOC and IC name
Please use the format provided when editing.

- Radek/Vladimir"Blaze"Stovsky
*Leads the faction to eternal glory

Co Leader (2)
- Doomburger\Nikolai Yurdansky
- Open

*Helps manage the troops and the forums.

Junior Lieutenant\Pilot

-Crimzon_Reaper\Adrianna Verdennes

*Provides support for all squads.

Vanguard (2)
- Assassinator/Ruslan Turchin
- Open
- Rebel.TEAR.somerandomletters/David Rouiee

*Gives protection to the leaders, well armed.

Faction Trader\Sergeant

Khaletskiy Lachance\Bagelz

*Handles the equipment and weapons, he has EVERYthing..

Captain (3)
-Squad 1 (Blood Ravens) KingArthur\Paul Feeney
-Squad 2 Wazer Rifle\Krystal Mertz
-Squad 3 Leader Open

*Makes decisions about raids, and troop movement, each manages a squad.

Squad 1 The Jackal\Yuri Kharkov
Squad 2 ISPYUDIE\Yuri Chornovyl
Squad 3 Open

*Helps the Captain lead the squad*

Sergeants (3)
- Open
- Open
- commanthe1\Travis Johnson
- Open
- Open
- Open

*High Ranked Soldiers, Experienced

- Open
- Open
- Open
- Open
- Open

*Two in each squad, experienced soldiers.

Private First Class (Unlimited)
- Churro\Billy Summers Connor Sq2
- Open
- TheHawk/Hawk West
- Open


*A rank higher than privates, more experienced.

Privates (Unlimited)
- Open
- Open
- Charlie Diesel Sq2
- Open
- Cole Salvagio\Zombiehunta Sq 1


*Distributed evenly into squads, the lowest official rank.

Recruits\Trial (Unlimited)
- Open
- Open
- Open
- Open
- Open


*Not given a squad assignment until they are promoted to Private

Squad Roster
note: Only list Privates and First Class Privates in this section, post OOC names for ease of use.

Squad One
Dave The Zombie

Squad Two

Squad Three    
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Reply #1 on: 28-08-2009
Added KingArthur and his new squad the Blood Ravens


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Reply #2 on: 29-08-2009
Added Doomburger.. Dont know his squad name yet.

Tom About Mili interigation
|HGN-STSR| Tom: "Ill keep an eye out for OMEGA! PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!!"      "Damn right you will!" *Pours vodka on you and lights you on fire*    "IN HELL!"


Reply #3 on: 29-08-2009
Added Plunger as a sarge in squad one.

Added ISPYUDIE as a sarge in squad two.

Added Sniper as a corporal in squad one.

Added Cloud as a corporal in squad two.

A note to Radek: Fill out at least three privates in each squad, one and two.
Leave squad three empty for now. We dont need any more corporals or sarges at the moment, let the people who are applying next work their way up.

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Reply #4 on: 30-08-2009
Added 3 new people,

One new PFC and two corporals.

Squad two should be called rainbow power, it has two female corporals.


Reply #5 on: 06-09-2009
Added the people who applied, and made Wellington a sarge, grats.


Reply #6 on: 07-09-2009
Promoted scott to PFC and added paintcheck.


Reply #7 on: 15-09-2009
Replaced Scott as squad 2 corporal with Caylob.


Reply #8 on: 16-09-2009
Removed rawrboom


Reply #9 on: 19-09-2009
Removed 2power and cloud


Reply #10 on: 20-09-2009
Possibly removing some inactive people, Radek shall take care of hat


Reply #11 on: 17-10-2009
Removed inactive people.


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