-Mercenary Documents-

Started by Khorn, 23-11-2010

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-Mercenary Documents-

Name: Yuran Segredovich
Gender: Male
Age: 30-40
Nationality: Ukraine
Status: Alive
Location: Chernobyl Grand Hospital


Yuran's date of arrival to the Zone is unknown by all known documents. It is thought that he arrived many months prior to the opening of the Chernobyl Hospital.

Yuran's history of work is also kept shut. His prior contacts are tight lipped about his work and only reveal that he will get work done. We can only hope that he works out well. His first assignment with us will be simple. Keep watch on the laboratory.

Mission Statement

Yuran has been hired on as Security Detail. He will keep watch on the equipment with others while the Hospital Research Team is out. He has been position in the Entrance Lab. Nothing should happen. It is a simple assignment.

Our Mission Statement

Though, we don't need any extra security, most Stalkers stay away from the Hospital due to the odd occurrences and events that take place inside. The chance of someone staying long enough alone to cause any sort of issue to us, is highly unlikely.

This 'Security' Job is more of an experiment. We wish to test Yuran's resolve and willpower. We will certainly be needing Stalkers who can withstand any possible terrors in the Hospital. If we plan to dig any deeper into the history of this place, we will need many people who can brace themselves against whatever will 'pop up'.








Log I
It seems that during Yuran's 'Security' Job was going along as we planned. He witness one of the many events that tend to happen in the Hospital. It is possible he witness more, the camera failed after the first 'Psi' event. His status is showing no signs of deterioration. So hope that he is still kicking is high. When we return in the morning to pay him for his work, we will give him a check over. Hopefully he isn't affected to much.


Incoming Transmission

Priority: Alpha
Encoded Message for: 'Your Eyes Only'

"The Hospital requests more patients."
"They are quite low on 'volunteers'."
"Yes Sir, right away."
"I'll begin a hunt to recruit more Stalkers."
"None will any wiser to what is happening."
"None will be missed."
"We'll begin soon."
"They will be fully informed."

Ending Transmission


i smell a mysteryyyy


It's funny since it's been almost a year since we played on the "Hospital" map.

And even better, since I'm still, in a sense, trapped outside of SRP.