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Silver Knight

In reality mercenaries are experienced fighters from all walks of life who offer their services as hired soldiers.
They maybe ex-military soldiers, ex-special forces operators, underground fighters such as elite resistance/guerrilla troops.
Or they maybe notorious terrorists of various nations who offer their services to the highest bidder.
Mercenaries are capable of dealing with virtually any kind of armed resistance using careful tactics, military precision and excellent equipment.
However, since they do not spend much time wandering the Zone like most Stalkers, they lack the extensive knowledge of the Zone that many Stalkers have.
Being professional soldiers, Mercenaries often charge their clients large amounts of money or anything of the same value (artifacts for example).
Mercenaries have been known to be hired by wealthy and powerful corporations to retrieve artifacts and other unique objects in the Zone.
The Mercenaries also prefer to avoid any complications with the Ukrainian government and the military so as to not hinder their movements and connections within the Zone.
They usually avoid all direct combat with the military or otherwise governmental personnel, although if the money is worth the risk some might make exceptions.

Every mercenary group has it's own load out to stand out from the other groups.
Mostly all of them include:

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How would sombody (me) aplly on the forums to become a Mercinary?
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If you want to be called an lol merc(witch i dont think they even allow you to rp as a merc without flags anymore) then just buy a suit, Other then that, You need to donate for the flags
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Gonna donate very soon. Only 20$,though.Hope i get some good stuff.


My style of play!
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Sexy, but their health is so nerfed..I die in one mindblast by a controller while the stalkers live right through it!
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Everything but mutants has one-hundred health.


Well, I don't know then. STALKERs can survive a mindblast by a controller, but I die instantly as a veteran merc.
funny gifs


Yea, it seems those listed under stalkers have more health or resistance to contollers then exp or vet flags.

Not sure about master flags though.


There is this thing, It's called a head shot, It kills everyone in one hit, Can you put 2&2 together?
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Goose, are you talking to me about the one hit head shot?

Cause I tested this on a regular stalker, and it they still can survive about 3 blasts before going down.


Funny i watched a regular stalker die from a headshot from a controller.
~"Victory isn't sweet, Victory is the absence of the taste of fear and stench of death"


Well, I'm not sure if blasts do anymore damage to the head then the body, since it forces us to lock on.

Maybe just a lucky coincidence.