Major Faction Characters & Personality

Started by Dug, 06-02-2011

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Basically what the subject says. There's too many characters whom just try to be better and better to earn a rank not paying attention to FEAR RP, or anything else for that matter. You have needs, you are a human. Show a personality, make it fun for your fellow faction members. Sure you are a soldier, but that doesn't stop you from being unique. Not everyone is a cold hearted killer.

There are quiet a few of people who show a personality, but they do it well.
So please, if you are considering making a character in a major faction.
Add a personality, it will enrich your roleplay and double the fun on that very character.

And us admins are always on the constant lookout for good roleplay which we reward.


Dug, you didn't remember to talk about characters which, citating Rebel, got their parents brutally murdered, and the bandits killed with a magical AKSu under their pillow. And super-people who don't give a shit from anyone.
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My character has more personality than Elton John.