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Loners are Stalkers that aren't from any main faction, and the name usually applies to smaller 'packs' of Stalkers. They are neutral to players and most will trade or offer missions for the player to accept. They are usually equipped with cheap weapons, hold few items and rarely have any artifacts. The Marked One is a freelance Loner, accepting jobs from a multitude of factions. It can be assumed that other Loners live a similar life.

Their main rival factions are Bandits and the Military. They are also hostile to the Mercenaries and the Monolith although there are few encounters between either. They are neutral to the Freedom, Duty and Ecologist factions. Whilst not a proper faction of their own as per se, killing a Loner will earn the enmity of every other Loner in the game; it is implied that word spreads quickly among this nomadic group, and that they don't take kindly to murderers.
In S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernoboyl, you start the game as a Loner, and cannot officially join a faction. In Clear Sky the main character can join the Loners.

Every loner is different in the zone. Some of them may be highly equipped while some may not be.

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Loners are a cool guy,eh has rookies and they do afraid of everything.

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Thanks for putting this description about them here, people can get a better understanding of what they/we are and their roleplay.