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Gustav Holst - The Planets - Mars, the Bringer of War

I am Lewensky. I am Duty. I am 704th.

Little has happened since I have faked my death. Monolith activity has gone down, and so I have decided to let one of my better subordinates take command of the loner group I have spent the following days creating. They are still not well-equipped to take on the Monolith, or even defend a camp against them.

I am returning to Duty base, knowing how many men we have lost. Only I can restore Duty to its former glory, but there is a glory beyond this glory, and that is the 704th. I doubt I shall ever gain the power to create another "704th", or even the worth and honor it made for itself back then. The spirits of my dead comerades are with me.

Duty will be confused and angry when I will return, but I shall explain nothing to then. I am a mortal who must become god if I am to tolerate these new soldiers brought to the 85th.

No. I am already a god, yet I must become a titan if I am to survive.



Duty has branded me as a traitor. I do not hate them for this, but it means I cannot return. However, the Monolith shall keep me occupied. My days of wearing red are over...

The 704th....