Started by kisftw, 18-02-2010

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Supposedly I'm in the wrong.


omg stop being a baby....You abused your Tooltrust so dont go crying around after it gets removed it is mingie to set peopels materials without permission and rp auth.....He had a clear reason and what I see here to take it away.....I know some of you may not like Layton but he gets the job done and is strict and it helps....So dont complain and just deal with your punishment guys I mean jesus christ....Ohhh he took away my tt so I am call him a big fat prick.....Deal with the fact you abused.....I think this thread is locked and done with..Also why should he get it taken awya wheny ou were being a idiot materializeing people....Huh?


Argument is where?

I cant ASSESS this when there IS no information, or ANYTHING.


He changed it it has been dealt with Tundie..