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Started by Steel, 30-11-2009

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I thought id share with you about how fun it was, i havent played like that in a while.

Started off with an assault on monolith, without all the pew pew, it was briliant.
So much STM made the battle go on and on.
It ended up in a close combat battle which was pretty immense, im sure all of you that took part could agree with me there.

Then an assault on the military base.
I mean, tho the teams where odd, and we was outnumbered and everything, it was still actually fun, the way duty told freedom there was stashed weed in there and what not.
And it was nice to see alot of people on that had not been on in a while.

Can we try to keep this excitment up?
It was great.


I think the map change triggered all of this. I agree, it was a lot of fun. We needed something to refresh our attitude to the RP.
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Freedom Radio right after the fight.



Lol that was a great fight last night fredom asked for like 3 or 4 mono to help in the military raid so we brought like 6 and the teams were fucking weird freedom,duty,mono VS military it was fun though loved it
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yeah, poor military never stood a chance. plus before that raid the fight between mono and military was very well done. as far as i know there was no DM or fail. what i really loved was the fight between me and jackal. if i saved that i would've posted it on here as an example of how to /me a fight.

Good fight guys :D

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The roleplay improved, the map triggered it, we were all in the right place at the right time (Sept freedom, no weed n all)