Last Chance to app!

Started by Dark Angel, 06-12-2009

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Dark Angel

People i'm in a good mood and taking laptop to university today so if you strike with apps i will choose the best of the best today!

Then application will be closed for 3 month minimum! So strike with your apps!

Also! This time postcount doesn't matter! Only your RP skills and grammar!



Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:10019430
SF Name: Icefire (jon_l_newman)
Timezone: GMT+0
Time with HGN?: Three months.
How long have you been role-playing?: I have been role-playing before the beginning of time, the beginning of Garry's mod.
Why do you want to become a trader?: I would like to become a trader, because there always seems to be a lack of them around, and I would like to open a nice, country side tavern that stalkers from around the zone can come a visit, rest, and chill.
Why should I pick you to become a trader?: You should pick me to become a trader because I can create role-play in the simplest things, and, many people would benefit.
What is the TU?:
The TU is the traders union, they are a bunch of people that wanted to create a job of selling and buying goods of people of the Zone.


Character name: Max Losmote
Age: 34
Personality: Welcoming, friendly, kind, talkative, influential.
Descritption(Looks,traits etc): A good barman,
Background story:
Max was 32 when he was walking into a job centre, he was an average man in the aweful credit crunch, nobody had a job, and nobody had any money. He came to this centre to, of corse find a job. Max was looking down the list... Max saw a job saying, "Skilled Bartender needed - 50£ a week"
Although this wasn't what Max wanted, it was the only, half decent job, so, he took it.
Max enjoyed his job quite well, he got to talk to a lot of people, and well... the money kept him going, it was better than any other rubbish job, and better than none. Max became quite professional at his job, and he enjoyed it a lot.

When max was 34, with his money he had been saving, he decided to go on holiday, max always wanted to go to Russia ever since he was a boy, god knows why, he just though it was a place for him. Anyway... Max gets an aeroplane to Russian the following week, and there he was, staying in a small wooden campsite... It wasn't quite what he expected, there wasn't much there really. It was more like a children holiday camp. Max wanted to explore, so he wandered out into the forest, not before long he came across a fence, it has some weird looking signs on it with Russian text, he didn't know what it meant, and wanted to keep exploring. After a while it started getting dark, max didn't really notice because he was enjoying it so much, looking at a new world. It started becoming really dark, and then max noticed that he couldn't see very well. He was too far out to go back, and there was no sign of civilisation where he was going.
Max found a nice tree to sleep under, it provided nice protection from rain, he slept...

In the morning Max woke up to a strange howling... Max looked around himself, he was no longer under a tree, he was in the middle of a field, surrounded by the forest, how the hell did he get there? Max was confused... and walked, he didn't know how to tell directions and he kept walking...
After a few hours walking, he knew he was lost, he didn't know where he was, and he had not phone. The environment started to become misty... After a while of walking in the forest and he stumbled across, what looked to be some houses, but they looked fortified, he walked towards them. The houses had a wall around them, and had some guards in body armour holding guns, Max didn't know what was going on... Max walked towards them, and asked who they were, and where he was, they replied... "We are Duty, this is the Zone," Max pretended to know what they were on about and he walked inside, he found a nice bar with some music playing, he sat down... What the hell was he gunna do now?
Why do you wish to join us?: I wish to join the TU because I am looking for a well payed job in the zone without violence on any of that rubish...
Are you fat?:
Why is this application so rude! Well... you could say, I had a little but extra on my belly...


I would post it in the propper place, but it is locked... and it says its open, I had no other option D: