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Started by jaik, 06-02-2011

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Weaponry Acquisition [+ Level 2]

If you lost your weapon then request a new one here. If you wish to request a Viper5 submachinegun, you must give a valid reason, they are only supplied to those who know how to correctly handle one.

Your name:
Firearm required (P99/Fort12/Viper5)
Reason for the requested weapon:

Research Equipment Acquisition [+ Level 3]

If you need any special equipment for research expeditions then request here. You can also request one using the Network. Any lower level Ecologists must be accompanied by a level 3 or above when using requested equipment.

Your Name:
Equipment Required:

Anomaly Scanning device
Artifact Retrieval Device (Long rubber pole with a hydraulic grabber, not to be used in gravitational anomolies)
Artifact Retrieval Device #2 (Long thick metal pole with rubber handle and Hydraulic grabber for use in heat anomolies)
Additional Medical supplies
PSY Blocker 
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Your Name: Thomas Moyareal
Level: 3
Equipment Required: Hecklar & Koch Machine Pistol Five (A.K.A H&K MP5, the Viper 5), and possibly a Walther P9M. (P99) Ammunation for both.
Reason: Recenty while being escorted around the sector to update my personal map of the sector, me and my escort were attacked my blind dogs, and also three snorks. My fort-12 pistol helped personally keep me safe to some extent, though without the escort I would of been for sure dead, I highley request both these weapons as more personal protection for me, other ecologists, and possibly my guide if they are in need of help.
Notes: I have also already recieved gun safety and use courses multiple times for pistol and rifle use in the states, and am more than capable of handeling both a Walther and a Hecklar and Koch MP5.

Equipment Granted