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Dr.Kovik Bestrode
Prof.Edmund Hertzog

You can spot these artifacts near anomalies called "Vortex". It emits a certain amount of radiation to the carrier of the artifact. I am still trying to figure out what else it does. It may require a bit more research. We believe it is made from metallic substances from some of our physical research with the artifact. We also believe the artifact may have changed threw out the time in the zone very much. It has also know to have certain gravitational properties

These artifacts seem to be made from once living tissue and provide a increase in healing or cell growth. But from our studying when it is used on you it makes weaker cells so it is actually best to not use it often if you want to keep good cells.Dr.Kovik is going to let his wounds normally heal also.. It is a somewhat rare artifact. The healing effects of it do not work on dead tissue even if recently deceased. It seems to only work on living tissue. Dr.Kovik has first hand witnessed it in work and has also used it on himself for healing purposes. There are other artifacts that help heal without the weak cells but we are still studying. We also believe in time the weak cells with strengthen so it is not that bad to use. We believe it comes from a anomaly similar to the Vortex anomaly but it is much weaker and smaller called a Whirligig.

Extra Notes:


The Trainyard Tunnel

Alexander Stewart
George Redpath

-Report composed by Alexander Stewart-
The old tunnel at the trainyard has always been shrouded in mystery, so it seemed fitting that we study it. George and I ventured here to research this seemingly deserted landmark.

The professor first wanted us to discover if it was structurally safe. At first glance, this debilitated ruin seems a horrible place to set up shelter, however this isn't the case. Upon inspection, the concrete that makes up the tunnel is aged, no doubt, but still holds strong. The tunnel continues for a short distance, before what appears to be the site of a cave-in. I don't believe this is the case, however. The debris are varied in size, from large boulders the size of a person, to tiny pebble. This leads me to believe that the tunnel did not collapse in on itself, and that some other force must have caused it.

The tunnel that is available to us is not particularly radiated. Anomalies may grow inside, of course, but the doses of radiation are well below dangerous. It could pose a slight risk for an unprotected individual, but only if they are exposed to the radiation for a long period of time. Oddly enough, after inserting a Geiger apparatus through the debris, there was an intense amount of radiation present. It seems that venturing only several feet into the debris would be highly unadvised. A lethal dose of radiation lies just on the other side of the debris field.

Research shows little to no animal activity. No visible tracks, carcasses, or biological evidence could be discovered. The tunnel may be home to the occasional dog, but it is highly unlikely that to date, any animal or group of animals has sheltered there for a long period of time. Human activity in the area however, is quite high. The tunnel serves as brief shelter for many factions and loners, but like animals, most venture elsewhere before any evidence of long-term habitation is left behind. A small fire pit surrounded by litter is all that remains of a loner's short encampment.

No shrubs, grasses, or flowers were found inside the tunnel. A thin layer of moss was present on the walls in various places, but no signs of significant growth were present. This is likely due to the tunnel's lack of rainfall, moisture, and sunlight that plants require. The concrete is also not very porous, so only short-rooted plants (such as mosses) could grow at all.

Extra Notes:
I was able to capture a handful of photographs before departing.


Rare Meatchunk Experiment and Examination

Dr. Joseph Ivanchuk
Dr. Ross Scalise (Partialy)

When this was first brought to my attention I figured it to be like all other Meatchunks in the zone, in that I was dead wrong, this Meatchunk seems to ooze out a yellow substance and extremely improved properties, like the regular Meatchunks found in the zone I was created from the Whirligig Anomaly but unlike the regular Meatchunk it was not from a human being trapped in it, it's from a Bloodsucker becoming victim to the Whirligig Anomaly there is small traces of Bloodsucker DNA in the yellow ooze, I compared it to the sample of blood taken from the live Bloodsucker in the lab, naturally you probably think I'm crazy, but this Meatchunk could date back to the first Emissions, when the zone shifted the Anomalies around, it was possible for a Bloodsucker to be entrapped in a Anomaly that formed randomly near him as rare as it seems, it's possible.

The Military supplied me with a volunteer to test it's properties, similar to the normal Meatchuck it heals wounded flesh and hardens the skin ten times harder than a normal Meatchuck, but unlike the normal Meatchuck it does it at about hundred times the speed, I shot the private in the arm while he was holding the artefact, it hardly hurt him and the wound healed instantly, I took a sample, but I was unable to pick anything out from the new cells, it seemed completely normal, until I removed the artifact from the Volunteer's possession the wound seemed to fall apart, the cells the rare Meatchuck formed died, falling from the Privates arm onto the floor, like dust, we patched him up and he should be fine.

I was curious after that, I hired a Loner to continue research on, this time I wanted to see what would happen with a major wound. I payed him in advance, he removed his suit and jacket, and I handed him the artifact to clip on his belt, I shot him in the chest, it took about four shots to break the skin and the fifth pierced his heart, but the strange thing is he grabbed his chest, and suddenly spoke, his wounds healed instantly and the heart tissue healed! This was amazing; I've never seen anything like this before! I conducted a few more tests; including the ability to resist electricity turns out the hardened skin will not act as a conductor for electricity meaning it is possible for safe travel in Electro Anomalous areas. After the electricity test, I let the Loner go, taking back the rare Meatchuck, as I took it from his hands he fell to the ground, dead, the wound in his chest open the dead cells falling to the ground. I was shocked, I seems this artifact can grant the ability to stay alive even with critical wounds, until it leaves your possession, at the end of the day I locked it in the drawer under the main desk, It should stay safe there.

Extra Notes:
It seems this is the only one to date, we should probably get the Military to take it off our hands soon, we can't keep it around.


Rare Plant

Borys Pavlo

Unusual Plant
The Researched plant has many unusual properties. This plant carries anti-radiation and neutralizes any radiation in a 5m radius, this plant also protects you from emissions abut longer so you have quicker time to escape. The plant is found after an emission or you can also find a mass of these plants inside the monolith base just outside a tube. This is where I got my first sample.

I have done many tests with this plant to confirm my study. The plant can also be used as a medical use. It increases the humans immune and metabolism, a stalker was injured he had blood sucker scratches we squeezed the plant over his wounds after 1-3 hours he was cured. When we were running the tests in the lake a green aura formed a 5m radius in the water and the PH scale went to neutral. This plant is very strange we could use this as a new scientific drug.

Extra Notes:
I have uploaded some documents to are database about the plant.


ref_DevCon.smd: david star is the only heir of the ecologist throne
ref_DevCon.smd: house of blake
"Any of you fucking pricks move, and I'll execute every motherfucking last one of ya!"



The Zone of Alienation              Kiev
Chernobyl                                 Chernobyl
Ukraine                                      Ukraine

The First Party's name is Doctor Cuthbert Magnusson , an individual.

The Second Party's name is , an individual.


Dr. C. Magnusson and agree to the following:

Agree to the following terms of the agreement
The Aegis group are to help the ecologist in any way shape of form, which may consist of escorting ecologist, going on missions with the ecologist, defending the ecologist Laboratory and everything in between.
Doctor C. Magnusson will pay 12,000 Roubles per week for these services.
The Aegis Mercenary group are not entitled to Ecologist supplies.
All extra payments are added to the week standard payment.
Aegis Faction members names are with held.

This agreement may be terminated as follows:
Aegis group decline work.
Aegis group do poor work.
Aegis group attack ecologist.
Aegis group allow uninvited guest into the ecologist compound.
Aegis group abandon the outpost for more than five hours.
Dr. C. Magnusson orders an assassination.
Aegis group member steals from ecologist.

This General Contract is entered into in the Kiev Zone Anomalous Research Institute Archives,  City of Kiev, County of Ukraine, Province of Chernobyl.


First Party Signed: C.Magnusson
Date: 28/04/2013

Second Party Signed:


ref_DevCon.smd: david star is the only heir of the ecologist throne
ref_DevCon.smd: house of blake
"Any of you fucking pricks move, and I'll execute every motherfucking last one of ya!"