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Started by Madcombat, 04-11-2009

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I am so confuessed right now, I thought we was somthing trying to free the zone... *sigh* A base is usless, we just need to hit a base that holds the zone from Stalkers and run, then return when they least expect it, not to mention some of our Officers souldent advertise there rank, its a fools tactic, we will loose our leaders by the minute if this continues...

I had another loss in my focus, dissyness still within me, atleast I am alive from that, was a close call, never the less, I feel diffrent from the others, I do not care to hang out and "Chill", the zone must be free for all stalkers, I just hope stuff change before we are hit bad with our pants down, still gotta' ask some of our men about "Training" and the such. *Sigh* Not that I need it.. *Chuckles*

("OOC: This is just a diary entry for all to read, feel free for OOC posts :).... ")


//  I assume advertising rank refers to me.  I wasn't advertising my rank, I told our mercs that Conrad was gone, and that since I noticed that he seemed to be in charge of them they could report to me.  There was a Stalker and a Trader nearby I was well aware of any implications it could have.  Since I figured my guy was wearing a SEVA and therefore he's not exactly recognizable I thought it would be okay to fill in our Merc...  You then started ranting ICly about me advertising my rank which really annoyed me, because I'm doubting the Stalker or the Trader were really thinking about it before you mentioned it.  We insist that you don't salute us for a reason, we know not to advertise our rank...

Also PDA Notes can go here - http://www.forums.hypergamer.net/freedom/freedom-notesinactivity-thread/105/
You don't have to put them there though, you could keep this separate since it's a diary.

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// You dont need to be offended  In real life mate, its IC remember :D


Agh christ sake, I cant remember anything!
Found this PDA in a lake a while ago, I was able to scavange some parts and repair it, it is pritty destroyed though, lucky it is water proof, and it floats... I found out about a man named Sergei, aparently he knows me, who I am and what I do will be told soon, just got to find this Man.

His Identaty I was told about:
...Was he Ginger?
Agh... he is a trader..
I think I will just have to go with the Trader part and that he is fat, I hope he tells me, I am fed up with this, I must know. Found afew items, this Flash Drive may come helpfull, contains infomation, I guess this will false Sergei to tell me, if he doesent I can destroy it... I got a Ak, not to bad I think, some pistol I cant even remember what it is called, better find out sooner or later, and some sort of suit, looks big and bulky, pritty heavy, must weigh more then 5 Kg, well atleast more. learned how to use these Items correctly, should keep me alive for god knows how long, found weird things in this "Zone", I watched a man in a black leather Jacket be picked up in the air and torn to pieces, my boots are dirty and bloody, this place is messed up.
I- I think I am in hell.

// Done this quickly at school, comment
James lost his memory in a travel up north, found himself in a cordon wondering the "Zone" looking for only one awnser "Who is he".


QuoteSummery:James lost his memory in a travel up north, found himself in a cordon wondering the "Zone" looking for only one awnser "Who is he".
// You are not trying to make yourself out to be  a Marked One rip off are you?


* Madcombat facepalms...
Does it look like I have?
Does it look like my charicter is being Streloke?
Does it look like I have a PDA saying "Kill James Bryan"?

Sorry, but I am tired of that, and so far, this roleplay have been creative and decent.


So, I am wondering around for "Sergei" yet I have not found him, I came across some sort of "Gang War" today, rival gangs called, The Monolith, and Duty, met some man named "Wraith" he was wearing a big bulky suit, chatted with some boys down in a Bar, a "Exo Suit"?, supposed to be one of the most defencive suits in this hell hole, he told me what "STALKER" ment, and becouse I cant really remember my name *Sigh* he is refering to calling me "STALKER", just something I saw, "sounds good" to him he said.

I did find some sort of "Freedom Suit" I showed him it, he just said "Burn it", I argued it is protective, I should keep it.
He just responded, "It can get you into alot of trouble".


So, I am finaly getting somewhere, I got to interview and learn some knowlage about this faction called Duty, Freedom and the Monolith, very intresting, seems to me Freedom and Duty could work together, but after learning abit more, I can see why they hate each other, and so Freedom want to open the zone up, experiance it with Loners and well... them selfs, not very evil, even the storys I have heard I would want to aswell, apart from the danger I would be in.

And we got Duty, seem decent guys, very ugh.. "Militery", they seek to save the outside world from the zone, but after asking abit into it, they also wish to destroy the zone, I found out most dutiers would belive this is imposible, but to protect the outside well, I cant see nothing stopping them, Mutants can be shot dead, but radiation cant be eaten and then shat out fresh clean air, so heres my conclusion, why do this factions get pissed?

The awnser to this is screwed up, yet simple, Freedom may be affraid that Duty can destroy the zone, or maby.. is there a little more "Evil" to freedom? Freedom may want any innocents outside the zone in the zone, I must find out more, but I dont see why these two factions cant work together, I am sure Freedom would want the outside world to remain safe, and duty would like to see the center once, or atleast once, it seems every ones dream..

"Fields of artifacts, I could be on a pile of gold".


Wow, what a freaking blast, ok, so I am in some Eco lab, I get this job to protect the scientist, and so I do this, we go to Lake Yantar where he wanted to take measurements, he did this as I watched his back, he believed he could purify the Lake but it would take some time, a few years it would seem the way he was doing it, but just as soon as he was finishing up, we was attacked by some loner on a hill, "I" like most people, returned fire, doubt I killed the Loner, yet I did complete the contract, rewarded a small yet fine reward of 500RU, I am not too bothered on what I get, as long as it is in the markings of 500+ RU, obviously depending on the Job I take, not to mention, I got to taste this "Water" normal Radiated here in the zone, but this... this was different, the taste was pure, it felt as if it was "Clean", a nice feeling if I might say.

And so, I was then wondering the zone, looking for Sergei as normal, came across a dead Merc' Body, alot of loot, sold it all off to a trader, a few thousand I got, I could understand why I got so little yet, I still belive it was a rip off, the trader wanted artifacts though, he was really dieing for a artifact, a customer comes behind me pulling out a object from his bag, the light blinding our eyes, a artifact is shown, indeed alot of RU he was given, I got to get searching after the next blowout, I can get rich.

As I said... "Pile of Gold"


Quality work as always!