Is the warehouse taken

Started by 2power, 17-09-2009

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Is the warehouse taken because that is our next bandit camp position
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I'd say it's Hotly contested. Lots of people from different factions go there; Eco's, Duty, Freedom, etc.
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Yeah, messing about round there, isn't such as great idea, id say go camp out by that house near the outpost, it's safer, and is right near the warehouse.

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I dont like houses, they can burn easily. ._.
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Yea but in the Warehouse you get shot and killed easily.. So i guess it's a question about how you want to die.
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I suggest you don't take it if you're hostile with mili, were within shooting distance.

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and i got a bar set up there already D:< Well...when i poped into the TU :D Screw duty and freedom bar! It's all about loners bar.

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I set up a eco lab there once, and found myself in a firefight ^^


I set up a trading post there when it's not overrun with others. But usually it seems bandits are the owners.

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If you're hawk paint, then you owe me rent :D

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Yes I'm Hawk...but I don't believe I owe anyone rent...
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Nothing here about rent.