How do I get the server password?

Started by KillSlim, 13-12-2009

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Since there have been several million threads requesting the password to the S.t.a.l.k.e.r. RP server, I have decided to make this thread to instruct people on gaining the password.
Here is what to do:

- Ask an admin. Admins wear the following tags in their Steam alias:
|HGN-STTA| (Trial Admin)
|HGN-STBA| (Basic Admin)
|HGN-STSA| (Super Admin)
|HGN-STSV| (Supervisor)
|HGN-CSV| (Community Supervisor) 
|HGN-Director| (Jesus Christ himself)

- Wear HGN tags in your steam alias. If you join the server without HGN tags you will be kicked.

Once your request has been sent via Forum PM or Steam friends message, the admins will decide whether to give you the password. It shouldn't be too hard, just don't act like a complete mingebag to the admin you are contacting.

HGN Regulars / members have been instructed NOT to give the password out without consulting an admin. You can contact a member, however we highly recommend you contact a member of the administrative team.

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Thank god, I was going to do this. Learn to read children.


I thought you were supposed to post an application in the Hypergamer application thread? Then if you were accepted the password would be pmd to you.
For those of you who dont know thread is here.



But thank you for posting this.