Hooded bolts

Started by cl4p-tp, 09-01-2010

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                                             Hooded Bolts
                                        We are going to be a loner group we will have
                                       a roster but there will be no real ranks so we won't
                                      be calling each other sir/ma'am all the interviews will
                                       be done ICly by me (For right now untill we get set up)
                                      or by the Co-leader were going to be a true stalker group
                                     so we won't be mugging people or taking slaves instead
                                     we will try and, help other stalkers and traders if there in
                                     our group or not and try to ally other loner clans also we
                                     will try to put a stop to bandits in the area, if you want to
                                      know were we will be based, it will be in areas such as the
                                     swamps, under the bridge or maybe in the windmill of redforest
                                    the IC interviews won't be that hard and our group members
                                     will be tested to see if they know basic RP and must be friendly.

                                                             Our faction will be neutral to all but
                                                           Military and monolith for obvious reasons.


No Support
You are New .. you have Absolutely no Experience
you are Starting this a bit to Early .. I'd Recommend joining one
Creating on is a bit to big atm


is your friend.
I believe that you should acclimatize to the SRP scenario before attempting to create a group.
"Yes, we will be changed and we will march with him, then all the world will have his colour and his light and his madness."

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Paintcheck: Uh...
Paintcheck: Wrong window


Well....I think he understands what he's doing if hes making it, And hes actually going hostile with Military (Loved that part, Loners and Military aren't friends!)


You do understand what a Loner means, not a mugger, a Loner. I respect that.
Also work on your backstory, You do need a backstory, so get to work!


You joined seven days ago. -support


Yeah suppose, you guys are right forget it the groups dead I'll try to remake it like 2 months later its, just that i'm sick of bandit groups all the time.