HL2 .exe crash when Joining

Started by Honken, 06-02-2011

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Hello, I've tried to join STALKER server a lot of time now.
It loads the server, sending client info. Then it just crashes.
I really like HGN servers and I got a good computer to play on them.

Do anyone know the problem?
And yes, I have "+r_hunkalloclightmaps 0" in the Launch Option.

Please anyone, help!

// Honken


Have got the similar problem.
When it says: "Sending some data to your client" it crashes with "Reliable Snapshot Overflow.
Sorry for not answering but i just got an other Error than person who creates the topic, and i dont want to mess forum with the similar problem.


No problem, I just hope that someone can help me.
I really want to play on this SRP!


Try running the map in SP first. It's hard for me to diagnose these problems, because I've yet to have them so I can fix them hands on. However I think I remember someone said to run the map in SP first, then try the server. Hope it at least helps a bit.


Change your settings to low.
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Thanks for the answers, I will try both.

I update with info soon.


Duranblackraven: Thank you so much! :)
It worked, now I will become a real S.T.A.L.K.E.R .


Everything looks fine now since i tried Duranblackraven's way to settle things up.
Thanks alot.
See'ya in game.