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Help: Lost Hand SWEPS

Doublethink · 348

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on: 06-09-2009
Well after one of Khan's DDoS attacks I somehow lost my hand sweps... So now all I have is my grav gun. Normally I wouldnt mind, but for some reason, whenever I use a weapon from my inventory, it dissapears...

Can anyone help?

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Reply #1 on: 06-09-2009
Erm, thats really goddam weird.. ive never seen a problem like this before, but i suppose the saying "There's a first for everything" comes into play here.

Well, i suppose the only thing we can do, is wipe your datafile to fix it, datafiles are a shit way to store data, and we are going to be getting mysql system soon.

Give my our steamid over pm.

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Reply #2 on: 06-09-2009
Immm just gonna post it.



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Reply #3 on: 06-09-2009
It didnt work /:


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Reply #4 on: 06-09-2009
Yeah, I saw that. Sorry.

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