Started by Royz, 18-01-2010

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Ammo is now a rare nessecity, as for rubles.

So all I can say now is that STM is now too expensive and most of the server will resort to STK.(I personally find it an improvement)


True, but if you don't have much ammo, like you spawn with 1, and theres no Trader, or anyone to give ammo to you, I would say STRP, or try to get in meele-fight...


I think Silver wanted SRP to turn into Britain and have everyone stab each other.


lol at above post.

STRP is one of the best things I've ever seen, tbh, and it's a philosophy I've roleplayed by for a while now. I think people need to forget about how rare ammo is and worry about surviving during firefights, and, as said, STRP.

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I agree, the ammo shortage is a bitch, but hey at least it doesn't turn into Counter-Strike every day because people are swimming in ammo. Hell if this keeps up we can forget RU and start using ammo as a currency.


LOL so true, but traders are being helpful about the ammo problem now.


Your weapons would start with zero ammo, but if they did you wouldn't be able to equip them. And seriously, since when do guns come preloaded.


I think the new system works fine. Means that people dont waste their god damn ammo on nothing.
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I dont FULLY agree witht he complete lack of ammo on spawning, what if you're somone like Radek? General of the Millitary, he'd carry some with him atleast...or maybe Jackal, Leader of a Loner group. I can see it does yes help the server and stop people picking up guns and going on a DM spree, but who in the right mind wouldnt have ammo in the Zone?

It is, and isnt an improvement.



You can STILL have ammo in your inventory. And if you are god damn smart then load your gun. And if you say. Uhm, i cannot afford 50-100 ru for a god damn box of ammo. Then you are really poor i mean not even Soldier Poor. But Rookie poor. And even in that case you can always go do some minor missions for it.
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I know, I have about 500 rounds worth and 20K to spend on ammo, if need be. >_>


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But sometimes ammo doesn't save -.-' so i've to search for a trader and buy new one.


It always saves, and Zarrick, 20K for 500 rounds?
Someone got ripped off.


I pity you if you're a person who says "STM Is too expensive".

In STM, you're ICly aiming at the enemy, but your weapon is missing. Too fucking bad if your low on ammunition, this adds to RP.
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Naw Locke, I have 20K to spend on Ammo, if I REALLY wanted to whore on ammo, but I carry about six boxes with me, for mah G36.



Quote from: Zarrick on 31-01-2010
Naw Locke, I have 20K to spend on Ammo, if I REALLY wanted to whore on ammo, but I carry about six boxes with me, for mah G36.

There is a bad and good side in ammo buying. Bad is that it makes people short on ammo for STM, but the good side is that the minges who find, let's say... AKM, wouldn't go on LOLKEELINGSPREE and kill everybody on server, making their money and/or hours of searching in vain.
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STK+Items to restore back, is a good idea.
People get killed, But they won't whine because they won't lose any items.


I do not know that much about this, but i think STM is the best. Who cares about ammo, and if you STK it just ruins everything. just sayin whats on mah mind.


Locked, economy has balanced out.