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Started by Seph491, 06-09-2009

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Yes I'm sure any loner has heard this phrase over and over again.Unless it's just me, which in case I hope not but does anyone else encounter this situation alot.What I'm getting at is sometimes it seems a bit hard to rp when time after time your shooed.I understand there are situations where people are in thier own thing and prefer no interuption but sometimes it would be nice to have more loners asked to come here stalker or something.Maybe ask them for a little help or see if they need help to.This especially so to newer players who probably find it hard to get any reputation as a Stalker when they are constantly shooed.So what i'm getting at is a little bit more interaction than a simple "Get out of here Stalker."


I feel for you, Seph. When I first joined, I had the same problem... The solution is, to actively generate your own roleplay and/or MAKE yourself involved in others. By this, I mean get people to know you directly or indirectly, so instead of nobody recognizing you and you being shunned, people will welcome you with open arms as they know you.


Thank you for the advice.Though sometime it feels a bit intimidating approaching people more established in the community than you.Sometime making it hard to be the one to say the first thing in a conversation.


Not all people can just generate their own role play, but it must make life much easier in SRP. You could do that, or find a way to become respected by the faction, character, etc.
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Make a name for yourself, it's usually the nicer people that get well known, since there are plenty of dicks.


I personally do not let most new loners into my roleplay because of the low standards I have for them, once I've seen them do a few things then they can come along.


If it's any comfort, I typically say "don't hang around here" instead of "get out of here stalker." (x5, of course, we can't just say it once)

Also, don't expect Duty to be the nicest guys, they weren't in the real Stalker games, so they won't be in SRP.
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Hang out with Freedom, they are nice guys. There aren't a lot of them around but they enjoy the company of Loners.


Unless they don't shoot you because you might steal their weed.

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Quote from: Locke on 06-09-2009
Make a name for yourself, it's usually the nicer people that get well known, since there are plenty of dicks.



Join a faction or throw yourself into RP, thats all I got :/


Barkeep missions are always fun.


barkeep missions are fun but the only problem is that they hardly ever have them.
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rawr D:< Oh and eco' doesnt have mission..     *goes back into his corner* We do missions too ya know..

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Advertise em more cole.


I just do jobs, let the trader or Eco know me, then in hope all will know me.