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Started by Celtic, 17-01-2010

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Freedom Notes/Stories/Absences/News

Welcome to the Freedom Network.

         This is one of the highlights of our technology given to us by NATO.  We can all communicate with ease and send out news, and the technology used is heavily encrypted so no hacker could possibly get in.  This is known only to Freedomers, so should you tell anyone outside of Freedom, well we'll have to kill you.


Use this to send little notes to other Freedomers, PDA logs of your day, or leave of absences notifactions.  As long as it is RPed, you can send out a message.


// I've returned, however probably won't be on tonight. Currently updating via SVN.
I bet you were expecting something funny, weren't you?


PDA note from Joel Riebel
Man! I fucking ran into the funniest little bastard ever. I guess he has some sort of memory problem and can only remeber shit in 5 minute chunks. I was telling him I was god and that it was his mission to do all sorts of crazy shit like. . . Wave his dick at people and shit, was telling him people where his best friend and that they needed hugs. Fuck it was too much damn fun.

I also set up a requisition application that utilizes the network, so use that to ask for all your fancy ass gear, and I'll see if its within our budget to do throw around equipment.

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Oh boy.
Strap yourselves in, it's time for the great 'obligatory' SRP resurrection of 2013/14/15/16/22

Steven :D

// i split the topic so the rest is in the scrapyard, did it so you guys could have a cleaner section.



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//  I'm leaving, mainly because it's a waste of time and no one plays anymore.
Freedom was a lot of fun while it lasted during those two-three years I was in it.

so here's tom hardy

Warrior Ending


Let me introduce myself. I am the Butcher, your new physician and combat medic. I know the name often throws people off, but don't worry I'll do my best to avoid amputation. If you need some stitching up, come see me. Also, if you happen across mutated life on your travels, please try to bring it back. Thank you.

(p.s. dog makes good steak!)

"Stop living life so that you can do a job with out pay"
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