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|Freedom| In-game recruitment drive

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Characters will be able to be recruited in game. We will 'lower the bar' so it won't be too difficult to be accepted, but this doesn't mean we will accept anyone who shows up.
An interview takes around 10 - 15 minutes. Like in forum-based applications, your grammar and punctuation will be taken into account.
Your roleplay experience, roleplay abilities and passive RP quality will also be taken into account.
Factors like you having tool-trust, previous bans and such will effect your chances of success in an interview.

Sounds hard, right? Don't worry, at first interviews will be rather lenient.

If you would like to organize an interview, please reply with the following format:
Character name:
Specific Date required:
Time Zone:

You can also just 'show up' at the Freedom base and talk to whoever is on and in charge.
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