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Co-Leader Applications

In order to choose co-leaders I am going to use an applications.  I will make my judgement on several factors, first and foremost being your application.  So give it your best effort.

[b]Out Of Character[/b]
Steam Friends Name:
Steam ID:
What is your region/timezone?:

[b]In Character[/b]
What is your name?:
What is your age?:
What is your backstory?:
Why should you be the Co-Leader?:

What would you do with Forum Moderator?:
Describe some traits that would make you a good leader.:

Applications closed!


Out Of Character
Steam Friends Name: Zaki

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:11605357

What is your region/timezone?: Pacific

In Character
What is your name?: Mist

What is your age?: 21

What is your backstory?:
Mist awoke to the pattering of rain outside her tent. The wind began to pick up, the tent's material thrashing all around, causing a great amount of sound for anyone inside. Mist soon began to start packing her supplies and equipment back into her pack. She threw her AK onto her sling, pistol into its holster and Kabar into its sheath. Knowing she could buy another tent for cheep, she burst from it, running at full speed to the nearest cover, which was a group of trees. Little did she know, the spot was already taken by mercenaries. When she came out of her sprint, the first action of the mercenaries was aim their guns at her. Knowing most of the men would have bad intentions, she kept her gas-mask on at all times when around them, as it muffles her voice heavily and makes her sound like a man.
Soon after the storm cleared, and a few blunts were smoked, Mist made her way from the group of trees toward the direction of Yantar. When walking through a second group of trees, without warning, a blunt object swung out from one of the trees and hit her in the back of the head, knocking her out instantly. The man whom swung this object came from behind that tree and dragged her under some unearthed roots. When Mist awoke, everything was missing aside from her Kabar, gas-mask, and clothes on her back. She dragged herself from under the roots, not sure what to do. She looked in Yantar's direction, seeing some military activity. She made her way in that direction after the Military cleared out. On her way, she was stopped by a small group of zombified STALKERs. The Zombies had no weaponry on them, and walked distortedly toward Mist to rip her to shreds. She unsheathed her Kabar, that being her only weapon. She waited for the Zombies to get in range.. When they got just the right distance away, she swung her Kabar toward the beings several times. The first slice went right through the first Zombies throat, killing it almost instantly. The other two lunged at her. She drove her knife into one of their heads, the second one getting a chance to grab her. She ripped her knife from the second dead Zombies head. While the last Zombie grabbed hold of her, she drove the knife up from under its mouth, killing it instantly. She let it drop, making the Kabar come free. After a couple of well deserved breathes, she began to scour the corpses for any equipment. She found some Binoculars, a pack, some food, and some ammo. She placed everything but the binoculars into her new pack. She then placed the binoculars into one of her pockets, making her way again to the nearby Ecologist Bunker.

Inside, she spoke with the Scientist in charge, him having wares to sell, and money to buy things. She still had enough Rubles to purchase a rifle, scope, silencer, and ammo. She purchased these things and sold the ammo that she received from the corpses, it not being LR300 rounds. And for a way to get some extra Rubles in her pocket, she asked if the Scientist had any odd-jobs that needed doing. He replied "Yes", and told her of an assassination mission on a Faction member. This man was known as "Caliber". So Mist set out on her job, traveling a distance away from the place known as "Garbage". She propped herself up on a fallen tree, placing the silencer and scope on the LR300. Then looking down the scope, Mist spotted a large group of Loners. She was told that Caliber was wearing a Sunrise Suit. Not a few moments after Mist set up, out came a STALKER wearing a Sunrise suit from a shed. She set her sights on him, and changed her firing mode to single-shot. He stopped moving for a moment, and at the moment there was no wind. So, she took the shot. Caliber fell to the ground, the Loners around him looking in all directions to see who did it. But before they could see her, Mist took off full speed back in the direction of Yantar. She soon slowed her pace, knowing that the journey was a bit long. She soon came onto a road. She took out a joint from a case in her pocket and took out a lighter, making the other end of the Joint burn bright. She walked along the road toward Yantar while talking hits off the Joint. But further down the road, she spotted a Military truck. She thought about running, but she knew it was too late. The truck already spotted her, so she decided to just sit down and enjoy her Rollie. The truck slowed down and came to a stop in front of her, and then out came a couple of Freedomers from the back, surprisingly. She gave them an odd look, and then looked back at the symbol on the truck, it being a Military vehicle. The Freedomers offered her a ride to Yantar, as that was the direction they were heading, in exchange for a few hits off that there Joint.

Back at Yantar now, Mist received her pay for the mission, which was surprisingly high. She was even given a new suit as a reward, the man she killed obviously really wanted dead by the Scientist. She placed the suit into her empty pack, and headed outside, where she met back up with the Freedomers. She got back into the truck and started heading toward Wild Territory. Soon after coming in shooting distance from Wild Territory, the Freedomers received a radio message from the DUTYers that were in control of the base. Luckily, Freedom and DUTY were in a cease-fire, the Freedomers being allowed past Wild Territory and toward their base. Though the Freedom insisted that Mist come with them, she wanted to be let off at Wild Territory for some trading and missions. After relaxing for a good day in the bar, Mist made her way out of Wild Territory, not really taking any missions at all like she wanted. She headed in the direction of the old Military base, now. Hoping to get some extra supplies. But with the time she took to get to the base, she discovered that the base was controlled by Freedom. So she made her way to the entrance to see if she could come in and relax. The Freedom allowed her to. She rested there for a while before heading out into an unknown direction, which was rarely traveled. After a good few hours of walking, she came to a stop at the sight of a region of the Zone that she has never seen. After another while of walking, she came to a stop at a small Freedom base. She entered and sat herself down by a fire, not revealing her gender to ANYONE. She lit a bunch of her Joints, and shared with the Freedomers in exchange for a place to stay. She stayed at the base for a while before being offered to join. She gladly accepted and went about within the faction. Not really enjoying fire-fights, she told the current leader of her ups and downs. She said that she was a medic, cook, and Recon specialist that was absolutely horrid in combat. After another long while of being lax in the faction, not being involved in firefights, she found comfort and revealed her gender to the members of the faction. A few things came her way, and she flowed with them, coming to a new life within this faction.

Why should you be the Co-Leader?:
I have leadership experience (Not in backstory), I know organizational skills, and I can regulate very easily.

What would you do with Forum Moderator?: Grade applications (If allowed), clean the forum of any unnecessary posts, make updates, make announcements, etc. I mean, I WAS a global mod, before. I'm pretty sure I know how to use Forum Moderator correctly.

Describe some traits that would make you a good leader: I am active, I am not biased, I do not grade applications based on my encounters with the person, I only base things on role-play capability. I am also active in European time zones.


Out Of Character
Steam Friends Name: |HGN| Dug
Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:20750914
What is your region/timezone?: GMT +1

In Character
What is your name?:Shawn Golden
What is your age?: 24
What is your backstory?:Shawn Golden was born in New York,1988. His mother Rachel got pregnant when she was 16 and after nine months Shawn was born. Rachels parents did help her. But the man who made her pregnant never showed his face. Matter of fact it is unknown who really is his father. Shawn grew up with help of Rachels parents, but it didn't come out good. Rachel would often get into fights with her parents and Shawn would have to witness it. As he grew a bit older he started going out, like any other teen. He started smoking weed, hanging out with a gang. To be more precise the gang was called "Bloodz". From the moment he joined his whole life twisted as he thought it was getting better he only fooled him self. He did anything for the territory. Beat, stab, kill, you name it. He did gain money, whores but that is not what he wanted in life. He dropped out of school and followed the gang. He was respected, but slowly he was becoming depressed. Rachel couldn't do anything and neither could her parents. There was this girl who had a crush on him, she kept coming around, caring for Shawn. Until eventually he pushed her away by breaking her heart and destroying her hopes. One day, Shawn was offered to take drugs, the real thing, not weed which you smoke. He rejected. The gang didn't take kindly to that and he lost respect. Seeing he lost respect, he automatically called some people from the gang and they went to hit the other gang, "Cripz". There was a house in which they were getting high, the rushed in the house killing everyone and they ran away. Then they got a car and did a drive by , killing some more. He came back and his respect was restored and to the man who offered him drugs, Shawn walked up to him and he said "You thought I was pussy, here ask these two what we just did". Then he left. After that he became even more respected. He had everything but not a friend, no one he could talk to. At the age of eighteen he realized it was no good for him and by that time Rachel and her parents worked out a way to send Shawn into the US military. He agreed going there and well soon he was gone, the gang was left behind and he was actually a better man in the military. All tho he would want to light up sometimes he couldn't. After finishing all his trainings in which he proved to be capable of fighting and aiding his friends on the battlefield he was made a private. Showing excellent skills with close range weaponry. He was assigned to a squad. The squads objectives were infiltration and early recon. All of those recons and infiltrations gave him the rank of sergeant, which allowed him to have his own squad. His squad was called Razor, and they were the first ones to arrive to the battle always. Shawn was a courageous warrior who would stand his ground no matter what and fight until he dies. Not one of the men in his squad ever died as he kept them close to each other and was quiet friendly. He never insisted that they call him sir as they were a close knit family who had to take care of each other and fight together. One day, the big operation began, many helicopters were approaching a city. RPGs were fired at them, Shawns squad was already on the ground, fighting , making an early checkpoint and a safe place to make a base of operations. They threw a molotov on the squad, as soon as Shawn saw that he jumped, making him self exposed, he grabbed the molotov and threw it back. It was plain luck, and he saved his squad along with the checkpoint. But something was wrong the helicopters moved deeper into the territory , some of them being destroyed. Many soldiers landing in the city. Shawn didn't notice that he got shot. Later on he noticed something warm as he bled. The field medic attended to him as it was just a scratch, the body armor stopped the rest. They soon got new orders. Coordinates were given out to them and map markers. Razor was an experimental squad with experimental equipment. They would follow those markers until they would reach their destination and clear out the enemies. Basically their new objective was to take down all those RPGs and any anti-air weaponry. They moved behind the lines with their silencers while a sand storm approached. They've put their masks on and moved on. The command left them a present on the field which they went to. What they found was temperature reading weapons. They could see the enemy but the enemy couldn't see them. And those silencers came in good. Razor quickly rearmed and was on the move. The nearby army rangers were warned of their presence and any of them were removed from the way points on which Razor was assigned to move to. They moved behind the lines of enemy without realizing it. Many died that day, Shawn would see helicopters, pieces of body, dead soldiers. Sometimes he would just stop and stare as he couldn't believe they would send them into a slaughter. The respect for each other in the squad grew large. After the mission he was given the rank of master sergeant for showing excellent squad leading under extreme situations. Him and his squad were all promoted and awarded medals and ribbons, but remained in same positions because they could be used again to demonstrate excellent skills. After that, he heard of the zone and that NATO supplied a group called freedom. He began being interested and well he made his way there. The first few days he was studying it and was stunned how different it was. Mutants, anomalies, radiation, nothing he had to deal before. He didn't have any equipment nor money. Shawn went to the underpass asking for jobs, but all he got is to get scraps for a man which didn't pay well and he refused. He wandered off to freedom base and sat next to a camp fire. He noticed a girl in a corner. Shawn came up to her asking "Why is a girl sitting in a corner all alone?". So they met each other better. Her name was Anzhela. While he was looking at a group of freedomers a guy called Ryan, the leader of freedom turned to Shawn and asked him "How would you like to join us?". He was rather happy to be asked to join because he wanted to join freedom in the first place. Shawn said "I'd like that". Viktor the man next to Ryan was ordered to interview Shawn. Soon he was accepted and the man interviewing Shawn said "He's all right". Soon he got his equipment along with a shotgun. His favorite weapon. Day one, Anzhela came around and he spent some more time with her after which he asked her out. She proved to be very loyal to him and care about him. Soon because of him, she joined freedom. Viktor and Shawn soon went over to the military, they saw a guard up in the tower and killed him. Looted an ak74u and some ammo for it. They went over to the base giving it to Sarah as she just came and had no weapon. Then they went out again and went over to duty base, capturing a dutier. Soon in the barracks two stalkers and one dutier were in the barracks having guns pointed at them. Ryan called in Shawn because he had a shotgun. He was ordered to knock one out and tie him and the other just tie. While the dutier was left there still being asked questions and so on. Ryan seemed angry. The knocked out stalker was carried away to the monolith base and left there in front of the entrance. They saw him free him self so Ryan in anger ran after him. They cornered him and the man pulled out a knife and charged Ryan. Shawn quickly reacted shooting the man who had the knife. He shot him with a mossberg, close range, left side of the body. The mans whole left side of body went splat. That part was simply missing. They hurried back to the base just to notice Mist putting a man on a cross and burning him. Both Ryan and Shawn were shocked. Ryan got Mist to go out of the base and talk with him. After they walked out Shawn got a message from Ryan saying "Kill him when we walk out". Shawn noticed both of them walk out and raised his shotgun at the man who was still alive and slowly burning. He said "Sorry man." and shot at his part of body where the heart was. The man died. While he did that, the dutier ran out. Viktor said: "Nice job on letting him go." Shawn quickly realized what happened and went after the man. He chased him to the swamps where the dutier jumped into the swamp. He shot at him, killing him in the swamp and after a while the radiation ate the man or the mutants. All of three men were dead by Shawns hand. He went back to base, being disturbed with all the violence that day. Anzhela made Shawn feel better and later on they all light up around a camp fire during the night. Funny thing was, some monolith were outside the base , watching them. So Shawn suggested to barricade the doors and smoke the weed. And they did! He, Shawn, has seen Viktor as his best friend. And soon the two of them always went outside on their so called "Black ops" missions. It was just fun for them two to do that. As they couldn't resist to waste their bullets and capture their enemies. Shawn lost his shotgun by an accident and well Viktor got him a new one! He was happy to get a new shotgun and was very thankful. Only thing that troubles him is how he never managed to say goodbye to his family. He came to the zone by him self and never revealed it to anyone else, he didn't want to be tracked down. But yet a stain remains in his heart, he left his family and his friends. Now he seeks new ones.
Why should you be the Co-Leader?: My leadership experience from my past proves me worthy of it  and I think I am one of the most respected in freedom.
What would you do with Forum Moderator?: Clean up needless poasts, make important announcements and such.
Describe some traits that would make you a good leader.: I'm active, my role play skills are good and I can't say I did something wrong. Also I have a lot of experience from other games as a leader and I did lead a mercenary group at some point. Also I seem to always get a group of people who are always around me to help me. Every faction should have an American leader and European leader , so the faction won't be American only or European only by members. If there is a European leader present the European players will be interested. And if there's an American leader, then they will be interested too which makes a perfect harmony and fun for everyone in freedom.


Out Of Character
Steam Friends Name: |HGN| Midnight
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:20606905
What is your region/timezone?: GMT -5

In Character
What is your name?: Viktor Kravets
What is your age?: 20
What is your backstory?:   I'm not sure why the hell you need to know every god damn detail about me for this , but fine I'll humor you. I was born in a shit hole known as Gaisyn, Ukraine on a farm that I spent of my whole damn life on. My parents owned the farm and because I was an only child they worked me to death. It started on my fourth birthday, it was the day my Father saw me as ready to work. On that day instead of a party and shit that most people get , he handed me a bag and told me to start harvesting the fields. The work got even worse when I started my education. My father saw school as a waste of time , just something that took up time when I could be working. If I was not working the second I left school, well lets just say it pissed him off pretty good. I had few friends because of this , but the ones I did have were hard to hold onto. After years of putting up with this shit I was sick and tired of working , that farm, and most importantly my father. During one night when I was about 17 I went into my father's bedroom took his wallet, packed my belongings, and got the fuck out of there. I hitched a bus in town to Kiev, it was the big city , the place to be. I thought I could easily get rich and start a new life there , but I was a little off.
   To my surprise millions do not come easy when you are a poorly educated farm boy so I got what I could. In the city I did almost the same thing I was running from, manual fucking labor! I was at the bottom of the chain and did not have been options I lived odd job to odd job just barely making it by. Sure I could have gone home , but I think my father might have been a bit pissed taking his shit and all. I lived day to day like this for a few months until one night when I was out looking for something to eat in some back ally shit hole. I was just hit with a aroma of smoke and meat, it had been days since my last meal so I hauled ass to where it was. When I got to the place of the smell there were a bunch of men not so unlike myself around a fire drinking booze, laughing , and telling stories. This place looked like fucking heaven to me at the time so I stuck around and took a seat by the fire. The dude next to me handed me a bottle of booze as I sat down I drank it all in one go and damn was it some good shit. The guy that gave me the booze  started to get up and preach some philosopher type shit to all the guys. I understood little of it, but damn for a hobo he seemed smart. After he was done he sat back down next to me and shook my hand, said his boys call him Prophet and that he was the self  a pointed leader of them. He was a crazy asshole , but it was a place that I felt welcome so I stayed.
   I stuck around Prophet and his boys for a few months after that night. I felt as if they were my friends and they truly were. It was not a glorious life with them but it was our life. We would move around aimlessly picking up jobs and shit, sometimes even mugging a few poor assholes that tried to mess with us. Then one night we mugged some asshole that had a briefcase full of artifacts, a bit of cash, and a PDA that contained some very useful maps of routes that asshole said he used to get the artifacts out to the open world. We asked him about the info that he had on his PDA and he said it all man and most importantly about The Zone. The way he spoke of it he made it seem like a perfect place. Prophet had herd enough to make him want to pursue a life like that , so we let the dude go and Prophet started planning for a big trip to this Zone. I went along with it , I don't know maybe I am always just looking for the next best thing in my life. The shit Prophet got together tho made it seem like he was getting ready for a war , we all thought he was losing it, well at least losing more of it.
   One day we just packed up all the gear that Prophet got together and just left for this 'Zone" that was marked so clearly on that one dudes maps. We walked for days and days until we got to a huge  fence. We went over the maps walking along the fence until we came to a place on the map marked "Exit". It seemed that that one guys huge operation was nothing more than a hole cut into this fence. We moved though the hole one by one until we were all in , started walking for a it and then bam! I herd a few loud cracks that sounded like lightning and with each crack someone around me fell. I had no fucking clue what was going on but all I was able to think at that point was "run". I ran blindly for what felt like days until I got to some piece of shit looking house, I was tired and I needed to rest. So I spent the night and when I woke up in the morning the was a  damn bloodsucker sitting there watching me. All I remembered is that that this dude roared fucking loud , running like hell, tripping, then blacking out. As I blacked out from  I guess a hit to the head, I herd a loud crack like from before.
   I woke up in a bed sometime later all patched up I assume that the blood sucker got a hold of me. When I woke up this time there was still someone standing there  like before.This guy tho was not a sucker apparently he was the medic around the place.We talked for a bit, he told me I had almost died that morning and I was lucky to be alive and shit. More importantly tho he explained to me where the hell I was, I remember what he said clearly "The freest damn place on earth". After about a week I was doing fine with my wounds and I was ready to take my first baby steps into the big bad Zone. The guys at freedom were really cool dudes, they gave me some basic gear and a gun most importantly. I do not know what the hell I was thinking going out there , hell I have never fired a gun in my life. I was outside walking from the Freedom base not five minutes before I was jumped by a pack of mutant dogs. Needless to say I fucking ran back to Freedom with those assholes on my tail.
   Well after that I hung around that place a lot man, I unofficially lived there for a bit. Sometimes getting in on their training and more importantly their weed. All I remember about my first weed was that I got in on this little bonfire the guys where having one night and they were passing around a little piece of burning paper. I watched what they did with breathing on it and shit and when it was passes to me I looked like a fucking idiot sitting there blowing on it. Until some of the guys around me got bored of making a dumb ass out of myself and showed me the proper way to partake in the art of weed smoking. Damn tho after I took that first hit tho the rest of that night was a blur.
   After a few days of chilling around there, the guys started to take notice of my and offered me a place among them. I took it at the first chance man , these guys were slowly becoming my new family and of course I wanted it to stay that way. I started as a bottom man ,a rookie , not saying it was bad actually not bad at all even, it was fucking great! Of course tho I had forgotten that being Freedom meant that you had to fight for freedom. So one day a bunch of the guys where around getting ready to take out some out outpost or some shit. They were short a few guys and I was around so they took me along. I was fucking scarred tho, they told me it was a small place and not to worry about it , but I had never even fired a gun let alone at others firing theirs at me. I'd rather not talk about how it went really but lets just say no guns where fired by the enemy but one of our guys got a bullet in his ass.
   Things got easier tho as I gained respect and gained friends , but I did not gain friends tho I gained brothers. Things took a turn for the worse , Freedom just started a downward fall. Our guys were going down like crazy, most of them dead, in hiding, or worse one of the monolith. As easy as I gained my brothers I lost them. I was one of the so called lucky ones  I lived ,but I was alone. I wandered the zone picking up a few things mainly just anger and bitterness tho. After a few months of  being on my own ,fearing to reveal myself to anyone because of the risk of being hunted like a dog I went back to the old base. To my surprise there was smoke from a camp fire coming from over the walls.
   Gareth, an old brother of mine from the old freedom days was there. He had the insane idea of bringing back Freedom, I craved to be part of that life again so I helped him out. It turns out tho that a lot people be leaved in the free life too and helped the cause. Hell even some more of my old freedom brothers showed up out of no where and decided they wanted the free life again  too. Things were great again back to the weed, the booze, and the Freedom. We had done it , done the impossible , we made freedom a force to be known in the zone again.
   Well Gare moved along for god knows why and as you probably know Ryan took charge. We were and still are thriving, people know we are not to be fucked with, well they still try anyways. Now I'm here writing this dumb ass application for Ryan just so I can help him not run us into the ground. Sure I want to help him out of course there are a lot of cool dudes here that I'd rather not see dead. Like my bro Shawn, this dude is ice cold I know he has my back and a lot of other dudes around that I'd rather not die. Others I think I need a little official authority over. Like this Mist chick who is to put lightly insane and I am not saying complete Nazi like control over everyone, but some people just need to be put in their damn place. Well anyways this should about do it for me having to prove my damn self for this I guess.

Why should you be the Co-Leader?: Well for one I'd like make sure freedom does not run strait into the ground again. Also I know I could have some of the guys vouch for when I say I am an alright guy. I also know our guys  well, I give them respect and they respect me and I think the fact that having followers that actually like you may be a trait of a good leader. Also I am not completely brain dead when it comes to tactics, I know "Use your common sense", but sometimes it is a little more complicated than that.

What would you do with Forum Moderator?: Mainly what is expected  clean up, grade applications, adjust the roster , what ever is really needed.
Describe some traits that would make you a good leader.: Well first of all I am obviously active as well as some what respected among freedom. I do not rush big decisions to take time to consider the consequences before choosing. My ability to make and continue rp in an interesting way as well as my over rp skills are not horrible. I try to treat everyone as fair as possible and try to respect people's personal opinions when ever possible.


Out Of Character
Steam Friends Name:|HGN| Bto2295  [187cr]
Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:4864317
What is your region/timezone?:GMT-5

In Character
What is your name?:Brandon Ortiz
What is your age?:Currently 33 after 5 years in freedom
What is your backstory?:
My name is Brandon Ortiz. I came here from america to start a new life with my family when i was young at the age of 5. Brandon Opens his eyes looking into his room. He squirms to his feet squienting his eyes at the Sun rays piercing through the window. He yawns Making his way to The hallway. His mom is making Breakfast and his dad is still askeep. I look into my dads room. "Fat ass". I walk down stairs sitting down on the chair set next to the well set table.Im in Spiderman Bajamas at this time and im at the age 10.I look at the boul Set infront of me FIlled with CHeerios."Mom you know i dont like these!" brandon Says. "Youd better eat it or your Grounded." His mom says.Brandon makes a wierd face looking at the tasteless cerial.Brandon picks up the spoon looking at the garbage to the left.Brandon takes one Spoon filled in his mouth and says with his mouth open. "I think theres someone at the door." my mom walks to the door as i Chuck the serial into The garbage taking a cookie and putting a cookie into his mouth walking to his room."Sucka!"

I climb out my Window Still in my Jamies and Climb off the roof to the ground.I run at my backyard fence grabbing the top Flinging myself over. I run into the street and start running To my Friends Sadats house. I always thought that name was stupit. Then behind me I hear the muffle sound of a Truck or van near by. I turn around and theres a Van right behind me. I get startled falling to the ground as the van doors open up.I squirm to my Feet running as fast as i could toward sadats house. 5 men come out the van and The van starts up with 3 of them left behind.It starts to pick up speed and approach me. I divert into someones yard Hopping the fence. I look behind me and there was no van.  I hop another fence, and then another Leading to the street.I thought to myself "What the hell!"Then the sound comes back and i thought i shit myself. I Look to the right and 5 houses down theres sadats house and im Tired to run. I hide into the bush to catch my breath and regainn some strength to run.The van passes as i Sprint to sadats house, banging on the door like a Mofo. I look at the drive way and the cars gone."Fuck, fuck, fuck!"

I look down the street in the direction of my house and i see the 3 men walking toward me from there. I run in the oposite direction down the street, going through peoples yards. Then as i go to cross the street to my house I get struck by a shovel in the Head falling to the ground becoming uncontious. I wake up a day later in a van with my hands Zipdied. I couldnt remember anything from my past but my name. I look aroud noticing Two guys at the front. The passenger and a driver. I Slide to the left of the van and thers a little Cabinet like thing. I Caregully slide it open with my back turned to it grabbing whatever i found. I pull out a Little Pocket knife. I start to Glide it back and forth slowly. Making sure they didnt hear it. When it was cit i started the same for my feet watching them with Glaring eyes. WHen it was gut I slowly and cautiously Getting to my knees sliding the knife ready to strike the driver. I remember from movies how to take the Two  out with out being noticed. I was going to have to stab the Driver and elbow the passenger. Then hope to god we dont crash. Brandon Slides the knife to the side of the Driver as they Laugh and talk. I lung the knife into the the Drivers neck going to Elbow the Passanger and i miss. He Unholsters his gun and aims it quickly at me. Then The van swurves Going off the dirt road into a Ditch. The passenger goes through the window as i hit my head on the seat. I start to regain my contiousness In acouple of minutes. I look to the tipped van eying the blood on the cracked window with the Gun on the dashboard. I grabb the gun and Kick my way out the back of the van. I look apon what looks like a big Pile of rubble, Dusty roads,Abandoned houses, and dead animals that ive never heard or seen about. I walk onto the pathroad Looking in all directions."Holy fuck! Holy fuck!" Then a group Of people 5 or 6 start to aproach me. I run behind some rubble Hoping that they arent Like those Other two. I look at them and there wearing Greed. I Crawl to the left Looking at them behind the rubble. AS they walk by me a Crawl out of there sight. I look at the Magizine looking for how many bullets i have left. I drop the magizine on the floor. One of the "Freedomers" shout. I leave the bullets behind and i sprinted as fast as i could. They all Aim there guns Looking for me. "Where the hell am I?" I look over the rubble AS i hear a cocking sound behind me. I quickly turn behind as i see a Freedom rookie Press the gun to my forehead. I drop the unloaded pistol out of my hands as a tear rolls from my eye. "What are you doing here!" The rookie said. I start to studer "I- I d-dont know." The freedomer reaches for his radio as i kick him in the nuts.He falls down Pressing on the trigger. I get shot in the chest as i fall over and black out.

A couple days later i wake up on a bed with a bandage rapped around my arm. My arm is Swore and i cant really move it. Then i look around me noticing that i was in a little farm house. Then a Freedomer walks into the room as i crawl up into a ball against the wall. He walks up to me calmly and Unarmed. "Hello there little boy. What brings you to the zone" The Freedomer says. "The what" I say. "The zone. . . Radioact Place in the Near the U.K." The freedomer states. I try to remember Anything before the van, and i get nothing. The freedomer gives me a "Stalker suit" That didnt fit me at all. I lived with Freedom for another 10 or so years doing jobs Getting to know everything better about the zone.

                                             Age 28
I start to get good with the Missions and start to get cocky. Me and a Freedom patrol have to contain a Mutant crysus about half a mile from the base. AS where walking im making Jokes and smoking a Spliff with my Ak74U by my side. We walk down the road and Something Grabs the freedomer behind me. I drop my Spliff and Grip my gun Spraying into the woods where the screaming came from. Then I hear a Snarl and Then the freedomer to my right gets grabbed. I start to sprint back toward the base As i get swepped off my feet, dropping my gun on the road being pullet into the bushes. I Grab my knife and jab it into whatever had me grabbed. It snarled and threw me at the Tree as i rip the Kabar out of its back. I stand and start to run as he tackles me and slases my back. I Swist around Jabing the kabar into its arm. It Throws me away to the ground. I scream for help as the Thing charges me again. I quickly Swing my Kabar At the thing with closed eyes as i hear a Scream from the creature. I fell down and Cryd for about 10 minutes. The kabar was stuck in the Bloodsuckers Eye. I had Blood all over my suit and cuts on my back. I black out again. About 20 minutes later Im being Dragged by Duty. Duty Putes me behind cover and Fires at Freedom. Then One of the duters Goes to lend me a hand to get up when he is shot in the side of his head. Gunshots fill the air as i see his body hit the gound with a thump.I look in the distance as theres a Duty exo taking bullets to his chest. "Why the hell ant he dieng!" The exo has a Svd, and is aiming right at the Freedom base tower. He fires one bullet and i hear a Cry come from Freedom base. I look at the Duters Ak-74M on the floor. I grab it Grunting. I aim it at the exo. I fire a 3 burst round to the side of his head. The exo drops to the floor as freedomers Rush the exo and Fire CLips into the exos body. One freedomer Congrats me and helps me up. He helps me to the base and I lay down next to the Leaders office. Then i see a Application on his desk. I take the application and read it.

Why should you be the Co-Leader?:Ive Leaded Freedom for a While And i am a good Leader. I know from right and wrong and when not attack when to attack. When to Make a truce when to break it.

What would you do with Forum Moderator?:I would Check the Forum applications Daily and Check all new Topics and Edit Them if needed. I will Update all the stuff including bios.
Describe some traits that would make you a good leader.:I am Experienced with Leading. Ive been in freedom for a Long time and know whats good to do and whats not. And On Applications The backstory Isnt the main part Of what everyone thinks. Its what there Ability to rp good and what they can offer to freedom in Rp wise and in Combat wise.You can have a sucky ass bastory but Rp really good. Thats what i think the Interview is for.
Freedom all day BITCHES!