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Faction Relations

Locke · 1039

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on: 28-08-2009
Faction Relations

Hostile - Bandits

Neutral - Duty

Friendly - Ecologists

Hostile - Freedom

Neutral - Loners

Neutral - Mercs

Friendly - Military

Hostile - Monolith

N/A - Not Applicable
Friendly - Friendly
Neutral - Neutral
Hostile - Hostile
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Reply #1 on: 28-08-2009
Hot damn this took forever, leave it up to me to edit this, its a confusing code Im using.
If you do manage how to edit it Radek, feel free to.


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Reply #2 on: 24-11-2009

General Major
Maneges all troops,And leads the Faction towards Glory.
Vladimir "Blaze" Stovsky/Radek Zelenka

Assassinator/Ruslan Turchin

The General's right hand.
Helps leading the faction towards glory.
-The Jackal\Yuri Kharkov

The highest officer rank.
-Bohdan Baltinov\Afromana


A high officer rank.
A well trained officer who has proven himself in and outside of battles.

First Lieutenant
Tends to spend some more time with the soldiers.
-Mikael Votovsky/klp4 (Ground forces)

Second Lieutenant
First real Officer rank.
-Barac Siliconovitch/Smirnoff

Master Sergeant

-Travis Johnson/Commanthe2

Staff Sergeant


Junior Sergeant

Senior Soldier

-Martin Creed/Poxkillerd
-Levi Martin/Mangoman
-Vasiliv Korselev/Sniper 3124

Medic(s)                                  Scout(s)                                  Engineer(s)                                  Pilot(s)
Open                               -Open                                     -Open                                         -Open

Sniper                            Demolition                                  Trader
   -Open                                      - Open                                    -Open
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Reply #3 on: 04-12-2009
Code isnt confusing, just complicated. I blame DeviantArt.


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Updated the roster, took those off who did not reply in the latest Activity thread.


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