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Faction Relation Page Template

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If you have looked at the freedom Info Mega thread (Roster/Faction Relation/Bio/News) you know that i have made a nice looking Faction relation layout.

If you want it. Here is the code.

Code: [Select]

[size=44pt][color=#ffffff][b]Faction Relations[/b][/color][/size]


      └[img][/img][color=#483D8B]Inverted Sun:[/color][color=#3a3a3a]N/A[/color]
      └[img][/img][color=#696969]Black Rain:[/color][color=#939393]Neutral[/color]

[img][/img][color=#0075ff]Clear Sky:[/color][color=#3a3a3a]N/A[/color]


[color=#3a3a3a]N/A[/color] - Not Applicable
[color=#00ff00]Friendly[/color] - Friendly
[color=#939393]Neutral[/color] - Neutral
[color=#f00000]Hostile[/color] - Hostile

Where any ;-----; appear, copy past one of the selections are the bottum (between the two [h r]'s) I spent an hour on this, so use it nicely :D

Here is an example:

Faction Relations

      └Inverted Sun:N/A
      └Black Rain:Neutral

Clear Sky:N/A


N/A - Not Applicable
Friendly - Friendly
Neutral - Neutral
Hostile - Hostile

If you want it, take it but be sure to credit me
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Reply #1 on: 29-08-2009
Locked and Stickied, Give credit to tundruff when used.


Reply #2 on: 01-09-2009
Unlocked for tunny to work on.


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Reply #3 on: 01-09-2009

Now update your pages


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Reply #4 on: 03-09-2009
Correct me if I am wrong , Isn't monolith supposed to be hostile?

Don't mind my englisch im Dutch!


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Reply #5 on: 03-09-2009
On there, it should me NA, cause they dont exist. But that just shows what it looks like


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Reply #6 on: 26-10-2009
I thought Duty was Hostile because What they did To your Land?

Freedom all day BITCHES!


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Reply #7 on: 04-12-2009
Duty and Freedom are hostel in all the stalker games. the monolith are a hostel faction, hostel to everyone, but some people think they are friends of zombified stalkers, and mutants. Loners are friends with everyone, but bandits (and Monolith) Bandits are hostel to everyone, But in clear sky, they where neutral to freedom. Military is hostel/neutral to everyone,but are friends with Duty, and the ecologists. This is just according to the game.


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Reply #8 on: 05-01-2010
When you get a chance, add the other factions being made. Thanks :P


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