Duty/Military server.

Started by andrewhatesyou, 21-02-2011

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Quote from: andrewhatesyou on 21-02-2011
Yesterday, we switched from Sector42 to The Garbage. Everybody was trying to find a base, and Duty/Military couldn't. Now Military and Duty took over Server 2 so Server 1 is becoming dead. I think that the two factions shouldn't get their own server. If Military aren't on S2, there won't be much FearRP on S1.
It's also splitting the playerbase. 22 people were on Server 2 and 9 people on Server 1. Not to be a pain, but I really don't think we can split the playerbase in half just yet.

Sorry for the bad grammar, I am kinda' in a rush.

Nah, that's fine. It's because Freedom and DUTY are on two predominantly different timezones. I'll bet you that later tonight, there'll be a good 20 or so on S1 and around ten on S2. And believe me, there's still hella Fear RP on S1 due to mutants up the ASS in the Freedom base.