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Started by Ace of Hearts, 07-02-2011

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Ace of Hearts

85th Battalion

Cloaked Daggers Hall of Fame

"....And if I shall fall, then I shall fall as a hero, and have my name carved into history..." - Duty Oath

Heroes of Duty

Osip Yahslov

Rank: Senior Soldier

Birth Place: Odessa, Ukraine, 1993

Death Place: Sector 42, The Zone aka Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, Ukraine, 2016

Date: 18.02.2016 Time: 2:34 AM

Reason: Casulty of War

Officers Logs:

"...Osip is a good soldier. Knows what he is doing and why he is here..."
"...We need more soldiers like him..."
"...A good soldier indeed..."
"...Obeys his orders without questioning them or making any mistakes...."

Awards: Duty Membership Patch, Assault Rifle Efficency, Order of The Red Shield, Stone - Skin Award, Combat Merit