Do You Want To Be Here?

Started by Assassinator, 03-02-2010

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The title says it all

Joining the faction requires at least SOME of your time that you play video games, if you join I expect you to be supportive, now this is not one of those "LOLACTIVITYCHECKS", you post here if you want to continue being in Military. If you post here I expect you to become active, once I know who wants to stay, everyone remaining will get a promotion.


I will be as active as ican
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I'll be more active now that Diploma exams are done.


If no one posts in the next couple days you guys are getting some pretty big promotions.


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I got In military Today i will try to be very active and help the faction as much as i can


How did Chrono get in as a Vanguard with a MERCENARY character?


Ask Radek  :)

After a Long Rp I said in my merc that i should work for military then he said i was going to be a great addition and said i would be a Vanguard ( in Sf after he disconnected the server)


Lol, I need to talk to you... I don't think Radek told you what a Vanguard is so I've been hearing... complications.


I'm somewhat active. i have a lot of shit going on in RL so yeah. I might be online but doesn't mean im there. But yes, I'll be coming on every now and then.

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Promising Young admins.


It's meee!

Active, epic event the other night was epic.


Im trying, my Gmod is a bit broken atm.. but im working on it
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Idc about the promotion, but I just got in and intend to be active. Didnt put an app in to say "loljoined" and then never show up.
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I will be active on EVERY Friday and weekend from now on.

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If you just applied, no need to post. Locked.