Diary or...Story of Yuri Kolerts

Started by Zarrick, 04-09-2009

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(( Enjoy! Its the same story as in my Duty Application, i'd just thought I put it here because I'm proud of it :F ))

*You find a dirty and bloodied Millitary document in an old Millitary outpost, a book beside it, the Millitary document reads "Yuri Kolerts", you pick up the book and begin to read...being carefull not to rip the aged pages*

"Please excuse me reader, this is set in a third person styled view of myself...I just cant for the life of me start and finish speaking as if I am the storyteller...strange, maybe its some wierd disease, I do not know, enjoy my...adventures...the two or...one I have shared and documented"

Yuri was young. Though, he was wise. He grew up in Mosco, the capital of Russia, he was born into a family who had a long line of Millitary history within the family, uncles, grandpas, all served in the russian millitary, Yuri, when he was a boy, worked
in the local barber shop, sweeping up and cleaning, the pay was...average, though, not perfect. At young an age he found love, well...not true love, his partnership ended quickly, he was heartbroken for a while, but, his heart mended, in time. At the age of Fifteen
he continued to work in the Barber shop, since the age of Eleven he had worked in this small place, he had watched the barber, many a time cut gentlemens hair, and ladies hair, he infact learned a thing or two about the hair buisness, though, time went on...

At the age of Eighteen, his father wished for him to continue the Family tradition, and train for the Russian millitary, Yuri, gladly accepted, he felt it an honour to serve his country, and make his father proud later that day he and his father walked down to the local
millitary bunker and asked about the details and requirements of entry into the Millitary. After that, it was settled, Yuri would eventually, in time join the Millitary.

A year later he began training in the bunkers and training fields of the Millitary, he found he was attuned to caring for people, Medical skills. He felt a great feeling when he helped injured people, it was fufilling to know he had potentially saved somones life, if the injury
was that serious, ofcourse. Yuri also found he was a quick learner, taking in the trainings almost to there fullest, and learning alot from each one. It was time, eventually to graduate...but it was not all that happier ending...for what now lay before Yuri, was the harsh, unforgiving
Zone, he was briefed a week after completing his training, given the sufficent equipment to survive in the zone. He was given an hour to say his goodbyes to his family, and that, he did...

After he had that hour, the calm before the storm. He was moved, by truck, to Cherynobyl...or the Zone, as it was known. He spoke to the fellow recruits and soldiers on the truck and found out little about the zone...some never made it back from the zone, some were killed...some were driven
insane by unknown forces at work, but nonetheless Yuri took these stories as fiction, though he soon came to realise, they were very true.

A day passed, they were finally there. Yuri got off the truck, taking his weapon, his AK-47 with him, he looked around, seeing decay and mangled trees, a thick scent in the air of dirt, he thought not much of it, it was a barren land, Yuri walked towards his Sqaud gathering around there Sqaud commander
and listened to the speech. "Comrades!" the commander said, "We stand on the borders of the zone, this...Zone is dangerous, we must stick together, we must be a team, be one! Follow my orders and you will get back to your homes alive, I wish you all luck" The commander bowed "As we will venture forth, and slay
the beasts and tresspassers of this land!" The soldiers roared up, there hands moving up in cheer.

The speech ended, Yuri thought to himself..."Could there really be beasts so different to the others?" this question, would be awnsered in time. The commander spoke over the radio, giving out the orders to move out to a local millitary outpost, there they would be given more information on there objective,
time flew by as the sqaud walked, light murmurs and whispers passed from Soldier to Soldier, to Yuris right, stood a wooden cross, cruedly made, with a gasmask and a tube spread around it, on it stated the initals "R.I.P", a thought crossed Yuris mind, he wondered if there was any kind of Civillisation here, he
would soon find out.

Eventually, they arrived at the bunker, the barrier and gates were lifted and Yuris sqaud entered, they moved directly to a small, rusted green hut, the exterior was metal, worn and dented. They ventured inside to find a projecter set up and benchs, Yuri sat down, aswell as a soldier next to him did, the sqaud soon
found themselves sat down on the benchs, awaiting the filmed to be played. The lights dimmed and there Commander walked in, with another armour clad man. The commander and the other man stood on either side of the white screen, the filmed played and the other man said, aloud "Good afternoon, Comrades, you stand...or well sit"
a chuckle or two were heard around the audience "In the Zone, a barren land as you have probably seen, filled with dangers..." The first slide flicked onto the screen, a photo of a ruined...what it looked like Barn, was on the picture "This, looks like an ordinary barn? Correct?" the majoirty nodded, "Well, you are wrong, look closely"
he said, pointing to very faint disruptions in the photo, Yuri eventually made out a sort of...starburst pattern, "Your probably wondering what this is, I imagine you are concluding to yourselves that it is a mere fault in the picture" he sakes his head "No, this is an Anomalie, a dangerous enviromental hazard...there are many, throughout
the zone, and they are all, VERY dangerous, some will trap you and then rip you apart, some will dissolve your body slowly...some will burn you at inhuman tempretures...some will shock the life out of you." he paused for a moment, his eyes wandering around the audience "Some are visible, some are not, your commander" the man pointed to him "Will
alert you to there presence, aslong as you want to life, as I assume you do, you are to follow these orders closely..."

Almost an hour passed and the slideshow ended, the man called out "Are we all clear on what we are doing?" the soldiers nodded in different patterns, "Good, then off with your objective, Commander", the commander nodded and headed to the door, the sqaud stood up and began to walk outside, in file they lined up and exited the small outpost,
time flew by quickly, they found themselves far away from the outpost and in the middle of a large stone bridge, as they were walking over, a loud howl was heard, and then pattering off what sounded like Dogs, but unfortuantly for them, they were not. A Pseudodog jumped onto one of the soldiers, knocking him off the bridge, followed by loud screams
and the sound of flesh being torn, the sqaud went onto high alert, pointing there guns all around, searching for enemies. Several soldiers opened fire on two dogs that came stampering up behind them, they both leaped onto individual soldiers and began biting at there necks, already three of the sqaud were dead, Yuri shot at one of the dogs, sending
a bullet searing through its head, the Commander shot at the other, hitting it in the stomach several times, it then falling limp. One of the soldiers began letting rounds fly off into the distance, hitting one of them, the other two still advancing, Yuri fired a flurry of bullets at one of them on the left, them hitting, it falling to the ground, dead.

Yuri stopped to reload. Suddenly a dog came out of nowere and jumped up to try and leap onto Yuri, the commander reacted quickly and shot the dog, sending it flying, in mid air off the bridge,Yuri looked towards the commander, he nodded to the Commander thankfully, Yuri then turned to see the Soldier being attacked, the Dog bit into the soldiers arm deeply
the soldier screamed out in pain, the commander shot at the dog, elimenating it instantly, the injured soldier tried to sit up, shooting rounds into the distnace with his good arm, the wounded soldier missed and one of the dogs that was running up to the now weakened sqaud and began biting into the soldiers face, killing him. Yuri shot more rounds at the pack
there numbers becoming thin, the commander reloaded, Yuri shot rounds at a white Psuedodog, unfortuantly missing, it jumping onto the Commander mid-reload, Yuri reacted quickly, though not quick enough before the Commander was bitten in the leg, Yuri kicked the Dog off of the commander, off the stone bridge, the commander yelled in pain, Yuri turned and sent
a flurry of bullets off to shoot the last dog, it hitting it in the skull, the dog, falling limp.

The commander grunted in pain, looking up at Yuri, Yuri immediatly bent down, taking out the small medical kit he had and opening the lid, he began to dab a ointment around the commanders wound, and then a bandage, Yuri said to the commander, in a questiong tone "Can you walk, sir?" the commander nodded "I think so..." the commander then stood up slowly, then began
to walk foward, limp slowly, Yuri handed the commander his weapon "Yuri? Is it", Yuri nodded to the commander "Good job...your a good soldier." Yuri nodded again, a brief smile on his face, the commander said "Its just us now, no orders, I see smoke on the other side of that hill...lets move."

Time went by, many slopes and hard parts for the Commander to walk along, eventually arriving at a large outpost, the commander and Yuri walked up to the outpost, the commander slower than Yuri because of the limp, "We are...Russian millitary we were attacked by...dogs, strange dogs...feriocius, my leg...its badly wounded." the soldiers in black and red at the entrance looked
at the commander and Yuri, one of them nodded "Let us get you inside, comrade, i'll get a medic to help you out", minutes later the commander was inside, being patched up by the medic, Yuri asked the Medic "Who are you? You're...?", "Duty" the medic replied before Yuri could finish the sentence "Ah...and you are?" the medic stopped and turned towards Yuri, after finishing attending
to the commanders wounds, "We are a group of stalkers, some are, infact the majority are millitary, like yourselves that have survived attacks in the zone. You, like others have come to this faction seeking help, we obliged, though we do not to all, you are millitary, like us. Or well, we are Ex-millitary, we are...hmm, semi-allied with the Russian millitary, we do not fight each other
as we share common goals..." Yuri nodded, taking it in...

A year went by, Yuri found himself enlisted in Duty, not knowing what to do, being stranded from the Millitary, thinking it suicide to try and find the outpost he had once seated himself in.Yuri stayed with Duty, till this day...finding it part of him to rid the Zone of the very things that had put him here, Mutants...the abominations and putrid creatures of the Zone.