Diary of Stavisha Welkow

Started by Astarathia, 17-12-2010

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Well uh, hi diary...
No idea how to start with stuff like this so...
It's the third october of 2012 // I'll take the date wich appears if you spawn
Hmm, well,my name is Stavisha Welkow, I am seventeen... Just ran away from home and got you from a book store... without money of course...
Not that nice, I know.
But what should I do? No money to spend, no food to eat...
I don't think I will miss my home, if you can call a sheet metal shelter with two drunk parents inside it a home.
Where should I go... I can't go back there.
Well, most people would say: Go to a friend, stay there! Ask the government for help!
I don't think they will help a god damn girl from the ghetto of Kiev. They can't really help theirselves.
My best friend Stanislav disappeared just yesterday... He left me a letter saying he's going to Chernobyl... Heh?
Isn't that just a powerplant? Why should he go to a powerplant...?
But if he goes there, there must be something special... I know him, ne never goes somewhere if there's nothing profitable to get. Should I follow him? Maybe, maybe not... Maybe he just found work... Since everyone knows it's still running...
I shall ask arround what's up with Chernobyl...  And if they don't know, then I will just follow Stanislav anyways...


Today's the seventh october, I know I didn't write for some days but ... something bad happend!
I walked into the bar... to ask about Chernobyl and one of the men ... he touched me and I have no idea what happend then, everything went black and... and when I woke up again there was blood, so much blood... And the guy, he was dead. I just ran away , I had no idea what happend... The police almost found me, but I am now in a forest outside of Kiev... All night I heard weird sounds... And it was cold, so cold.
I can't return to Kiev, I don't want to end up in prison, those people in there would rip me apart like a piece of paper!
I have to follow Stanislav now, maybe I can find him , and help him with whatever he is doing. Maybe I will even gain some money. I have to go now... Someone shew me the direction I have to go towards Chernobyl, but he was looking scared... What is wrong with that fucking place? Are there like... Zombies and vampires wich steal little children in the night or what?
It's just a damn powerplant wich exploded serval years ago! What should be so bad about it? There's just more radioactivity arround there... I bet this"Ghost Town" called Prypjat scared him, sure must look awesome... And I sure can find a home there... For me alone. And noone else... And maybe Stanislav in the building next to mine.


Hey there diary, today's the tenth october 2012. I am now resting in a forest near "The Zone". So that's the place arround Chernobyl called... How I know that? I saw a sign today... But not a sign saying "The Zone begins from here" No... it was a rotten wooden sign, wich reads "The Zone" written with blood... Scary... Really... I keep hearing noises from inside that Zone, screams, gunshots... I sometimes see human-like shadows, wich disappear if I look closer...
But more important, I found Stanislav today... God bless that son of a bitch... I just found... I found his head... ripped off, with his eyes closed. I hope he died fast, he was a good friend... He never deserved this... I searched for his body, but couldn't it... I just found an AK74... Why did he have a weapon? But I believe I am going to need it in this hell place called Zone. And if I ever find the bastard who did this to my best friend, he will pay... I will tortune him till he screams for his mother... But I believe I will never find him... I'm going to proceed to the Ghost City, maybe I will meet other humen there, some that are... friendly like Stanislav was... May he rest in peace, and may his biggest wishes become true in heaven...
I still can't believe it.. Stanislav... dead...  I knew him for so long... And now I shall never see him again. Never.

// to be continued.


20th october 2012. Yeah, I have no idea how to say 20th in words anymore so, that will do...
Wondering if anyone ever finds this when I die... But bet it will be just eaten by a random mutant.
I met my first alive human today, sadly all he did was staring at me then running away. Tried to follow him but I found him ripped to pieces serval kilometres away.  I just... I just don't care anymore what happens to who... This is the wild... Kill or get killed... I found out about "gravity mines"... How? Well, some dog chased me... I thought I would be dead in the next moment, since my magazine was empty and I was exhausted. I ran to the left, heard something click, and the dog freezed mid air... Then he got ripped apart like by an invisible chainsaw. I guess today's my lucky day then... Or I was just "smart" enough to run into a minefield... Hm. Well, I got out alive as you can see, however I did that. I think I saw the chimney of the Powerplant today, or it just could've been an hallucination, but it was in the directory that one man shew me. But I've been walking so long now...
Maybe going to see it tomorrow again... Fuck, I got to stop now, the sky turns red, and I need to find a damn place to be safe... I guess that hut over there will do. Bye for nor or forever...


21th october 2012.
I guess I survived that "blowout" as the other woman in the hut said... Yeah, another human that could actually talk. Sadly she tried to get my AK... I just slammed my knife into her eye... It was fucking gross... Why does everyone in this damned place try to either rape me , steal my stuff or kill me and then steal my stuff? Something is wrong here... really wrong, but I am beginning to feel home in this place, and starting to think that killing is just as usual as eating or drinking. We all do it to stay alive... But I know I can't stay in this hut, it's not safe enough, and I got noone near me who could protect me.
But do I really need protection? Well, don't we all need protection somehow? But if all people here are that big fuckers like the people who killed Stanislav or the woman, why are they even here? Maybe to let out their killing-fetish or something, hah. I should get out of this place, get back to Kiev, and maybe sleep under a bridge, it would be way more comfortable than beeing here, but I got the strange feeling that I will never get out of this place again... Atleast not alive. I should just carry on to the Ghost City... It's my only chance...  Ah, forgot to tell, I can really see the top of the chimney from here!
I should...

**This part is covered with blood **

Fucking mess! Uh, sorry, something broke off the ceiling and as I look'd up , it hit me right onto the nose... It was a fucking huge piece of wood... Yeah I should really leave this place, it wont stand for that long anymore...
Now what did I want to write before that ... accident? No idea.. I should, I should... Huh... I guess it was I should proceed towards the chimney or something, but I can't get rid of the feeling that it was more important than that...


first of Novembre 2012.
Sorry I didn't write into you for serval weeks, but nothing wich would be worth telling happend...
But today is worth telling, first of , it's the beginning of a new month... And I found two guys arround a fire today... They were raising their weapons at me, but I told them I didn't want to harm them... Hah, how could I harm two armed men? They would've shot me down in less  than a second... They actually are pretty nice, but I can't get rid of the feeling that I can't trust them nor should stay with them... And I guess the only way to survive in this hell is to trust one owns instincts.
I should not sleep this night, but prentend to, let's see what they are going to try...
Oh yeah, they're called Dimitri and Nikita. They said they've been in the Zone for serval years now... I asked them to tell me some of the tricks how to survive, but all they said was already clear to me... Trustworthy friends and your own instincts. And they even said I have a bigger chance to survive than the most people, since I grew up on the streets... Oh, speaking about that, I never told you how I learned to write!
Stanislav taught me to write... God bless him... I'm still missing him like on the day he went away... What would've happend if I asked him to stay with me forever on the day before he went away? Maybe everything would be different now... Or maybe it would've been a reason more for him to get the hell away...  I shouldn't think about it... And I should stop now , they're offering me something to eat... Something cooked! Haven't ate actual meat for... Oh I don't know how long.
I wish Stanislav was here... He could help me to get through all this shit...


// My guy is Stanislav Faustin :D

Also you need to apply for this character


// Seeing as she has auths for other female chars I think she's good.


2nd Novembre 2012.

Hm, these guys did nothing at the night but slept... Did my feeling want to shit me or what?
But I can't get rid of the feeling that I should get out of here soon. And I still think I can't trust these guys.
Or I'm just turning insane... But aren't we all in here insane?
No, I wont start talking like I'm one of these people in the Zone! I don't like killing, robbing and cheating!
... Well, in Kiev it was something different but here... If I rob someone that means they are going to die!
I don't want that... Or do I?  I don't fucking know!
It seems like I cant trust myself anymore... But why, just why... I should pack my stuff now and go before they wake up.
Not thinking it would kill them if I took something to eat... Or would it?
Grah! What the fuck is wrong with me! This place is just turning me insane! I must proceed to the town... To begin a new life.. Now...


4th Novembre 2012
Hmm, I just remembered... Shouldn't we all actually die on the 21st December 2012? Hah, sure is a joke... Or is it?
Maybe it is a joke little girl...
When the fuck did I write that? This place is... weird. Really fucking weird. I'm not so sure if I shouldn't return to Kiev, and continue my "easy life". But I got the feeling, that I can't get out of here anymore, nor the feeling that Stanislav would like me  to get out. I must find the ones who killed him. And then I'm going to fucking rip their inneries out and make them eat it again! No! What the hell is wrong with me! I would just kill them ,but nothing like that!
I'm not becoming a monster! I will stand this shit and stay here as a normal human... with a gun. And serval heads on her list... Well, they tried to kill me, didn't they? That wont count as murder. Will it? Grah I don't fucking know! This place is turning me into something I don't want to  be! But I must find his murderers... Or were the guys I left yesterday his murderers? Because I had that strange feeling about them?
Or were it just mutants? Like these Bloodsuckers they told me about? How am I supposed to find those bastards? Or will they find me? And will I even survive that? Surely not. For sure I will end up like Stanislav... Shouldn't think too much about him, just makes me cry again and again, and I mustn't show weakness in this horrible place, else it will love to tear me appart just like him. And I'm not thinking that it would be a quick death, more like beeing ripped apart by a rusty old knife.
Oh little girl, you sure would like to do that to his murderers...
What the hell was that again?! I can't remember writing that... Is it the Zone? An illness? Or what? I don't know, but that thing that wrote that doesn't seem to be too nice, and it obviously kno No it doesn't know me better than I know myself! I would never do such things!
Oh you would, you would, I know it.
No! ... Urgh, I should find a shelter , I think a blowout is about to happen.
And I should sleep , maybe it just happens because I am that tired.

It won't help little girl... I will always stay with you , always.


6th Novembre 2012
I can see the first buildings of Prypjat! It can't be that far anymore! I can even see movements on the street... But, somehow they don't seem to be humen... They seem to be something else, something I should avoid to meet.
Uh, anyways, this "person" or whatever it is disappeared. Atleast there's no text I didn't write till now.
Hm, text I didn't write how should someone else write it? It has to be me. But how the fuck did that happen? I can't remember a shit of writing that.  I should really train my memory more, I seem to become old or something.
Hah, old with seventeen... But I feel like I am fourty. Or even older.
This place surely hardened me up. I don't feel that bad about killing anymore. Speaking about killing, I just had to shoot another human, but he was wearing a weird suit, and he just didn't die! Well, after I shot some rounds at him, he fell, but got up again, and then I shot him into the head. Then he finally stayed down. Took his ammo and searched him for more, and I found something tattoo'd into his arm... It read the word "S.T.A.L.K.E.R." ... Well, he obviously stalked me, but ... Maybe it means something completly else, and maybe that word has to do something with the fact, that he didn't die at once, nor felt pain... Something is wrong here and I got a bad feeling about going into that town, a really , really bad feeling... And I feel like I shouldn't stay at my current location too...


I like it.

Did you purposely make blood as a motif? If so, what does it represent?


The blood in the book should motivate people to think what could've happend and shizzle, if it's that what you mean, going to type on somewhen, shitstorm going down in RL atm, job, friends etc.
And a lack of motivation to type.


Quote from: Astarathia on 02-02-2011
The blood in the book should motivate people to think what could've happend and shizzle

Ah, very clever!


I always enjoy reading these IC logs, Makes you want to meet the character in game :D!
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