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Cya in one month HGN

Dark Angel · 465

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Dark Angel

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on: 06-01-2012
So yeah won't be able to access server 1 for a month.

I'll be on from time to time on S2 in case there will be player base.

If not cya in 1 month HGN.

You can either have some rest from me or if you want anything just message me and come to S2 :| Just saying.


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Reply #1 on: 06-01-2012
Its only two days, so...........


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Reply #2 on: 07-01-2012
Bullshit all together, Dark shouldn't even have a ban. Admins gotta sort themselves out, Turning into a shit fest and i don't have full trust in some admins anymore.

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Reply #3 on: 07-01-2012
Locking this thread before the incoming shitfest starts.

"I'm a faggot, Tom."

Oh boy.
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