Concerning Inactivity

Started by deluxulous, 12-10-2009

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*Be on the server at least 4 times a week, for at least 30 mins each time. Be active on the forums as well.

*If you are not seen for a few (3-4) days, you will be messaged about the issue.

*If you are not seen for two days afterwords, you will be marked as inactive.

*If you are not seen two days after that (7-8) you will be temporarily removed.

*If we do not receive any contact after that time for a day or two, you will be removed and forced to re-apply if you want back in DUTY.

There is no excuse for being inactive for more than 5 days straight, unless you have a legitimate excuse. If this is the case, PM me on the forums. I am going to be on every single day to check things out.