CMA: Chernobyl Medical Assistance

Started by RayWeston, 15-02-2010

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Chernobyl Medical Assistance
Чернобыльская медицинской помощи

The Chernobyl Medical Assistance (formerly Chernobyl General Hospital) is dedicated to finding cures and ways to deal with injuries sustained in the zone. CMA experiments with many things, including zombified corpses, dead monsters, and everyday dead bodies. We strive for great accomplishment. We work in the back, finding ways to heal and return our patient's bodies back to their original selves. We are the Chernobyl Medical Assistance team. We are men and women of our word. We treat the zone, one problem at a time. We are an affinity towards the infinity.

CMA is the Zone's primary medical supplier. Piecing together Medkits for years, behind the scenes, of course, CMA had never come into the limelight. They'd stayed behind, not wishing to cause conflict in the zone. For years, they'd been an anonymous faction, stealing the corpses of hundreds dead. Finding out what'd happened to them. Once it was found out, if unknown, they would try to prevent that sort of thing from happening again. They have, most of the time, been using medical supplies and even everyday objects from these dead that they find.

Most of the time, CMA is a very non-combat organization. However, if provoked, they can be a force to be reckoned with. Not only are they medical geniuses, but they are masters of physical and mental torture. Also, they are a fit force for fighting with biohazard and bio-chemical weapons.

In the long run, CMA wishes to complete the roles of many factions combined. Like DUTY, they wish to Help STALKERS and abolish the zone forever. However, as stated before, they are an anti-militaristic group, wishing to focus on their sciences, rather than murdering countless hundreds. They wish to mop up the mess that the frequent blowouts, anomalies, and monsters in the Zone cause. They study the effects of anomalies and radiation to human flesh and body parts, trying to fix what has happened in the Zone.

[OOC Info:]  CMA was thought up by myself, RayWeston, for the reason that the Zone is full of danger and many can't make it out there. It was created mainly, because people need to learn how to InuryRP, MedicalRP, and ScienceRP. Not that people can't, but it gives a reason for people TO DO it. Even if it's just a knife wound, or a small gunshot wound, it's an injury, and people need to learn how to RP it, whether they're the victim who must push through the pain, or the medic, who needs to help cure the pain. I just want people to be able to InjuryRP, MedicRP, and overall RP better in Injury situations. CMA is realistic, and it's even given backstory into the STALKER universe, no matter if it's actually there or not, it's helping as an un-official group, or a small, yet elite faction. I hope you've considered these points, and wish to see us in action.

Faction Relations:
All But Bandits and Monolith: Neutral until actions (good or bad) are taken.
Bandits and Monoilith: Hostile- Stealing Equipment and Killing Members is Unacceptable.
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i liked faction idea,It would be cool Seeing this in action. Hopefully it will not end up like the Eco's

You have my support : +support


This sounds like an honestly good idea, its new, its fresh and it isnt a new guy wanting a big band of friends to pew pew people with! Genius, Support



Pending Support.

Do you really think people will Injury rp?


Do you really think people will slave RP? It's for the point of the roleplay, if you choose not to roleplay, why play on the server?


Because I can really see this turning bad. Your argument holds no weight, I know plenty of people who slave RP'd even after being captured and sold.

But I'll +Support because it may go the right way.


This seems kind of like a Eco Faction, But they don't torture or help fellow stalkers of the Zone :P


My point is people do slave RP, you didn't get my sentence, lol. Anyways, +support.    (No green letters for you)


Fresh idea, from what I see the group is a passive one.
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The first thing I thought of when I saw this...


Second Thought.

"Here, Take this medkit *Buh bump*"

But, Seems to be a good idea, +Supports :D


I can just see your faction being raided by bandits, every day..



Quote from: Zstan on 17-02-2010
I can just see your faction being raided by bandits, every day..

I can only hope not, eh? I'm really looking for supporters, and if people DO decide to support, maybe you'd like to join us or something.
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I think it sounds like a good idea and it could bring RP into the server...
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