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Charles Winchester - Character Profile ( Pictures and funny things such as )

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Name: Charles Winchester ( Aka Ruslan Mako )
Sex: Male
Age: Late 30s
Descent: Slavic/British
Job: Cartographer
Experiece: Cartography, Medicinal Training, Some fire-arms work, Survival
Characteristics: Heavy British Accent and slang. Wears a SEVA suit when in the field. Carries around his mapping supplies and his diary at all times. Has a very cheap camera. Quite clue-less and likes to flaunt his money.

Backstory: Ruslan Mako Charles Winchester was employed by the Бави Inc. The english pronunciation is "Bavei or Bava". Бави Inc. is a very wealthy company, that operates on many platforms inside the zone. It operates in the fields of Mercenaries, Guards, Traders and Cartography. Charles was chosen to map out the Zone in it's entirety, for his zeal and vigor for cartography. He is very skilled with a pen, and is very educated in math and biology. He is a survival expert, and can live many days in the bush. He has minor fire-arms training, and can hold his own occasionally, if ever needed. Mostly he just runs from trouble. Recently he employed a stalker named Anton after he had a meaningful meeting with him. Charles has been harrassed by mutant squirrels, been held at gun point, and lied his ass off to the military. Most of the time he will run or talk his way out of things. His equipment of preference is a SEVA suit , a L85, and a M1911, all what he considers "weapons of the United Kingdom" no matter who tells his otherwise.

Heres an excerp as my first day as Ruslan, who decided to change his name to Charles after a deep conversation with a stalker named Anton.

*** Ruslan Mako runs up to Anton
Ruslan Mako [YELL]: GOOD SIR!
Anton Dresden: Uh...
Anton Dresden: Yeah?
*** Ruslan Mako huffing puffing
Anton Dresden: You alright?
Ruslan Mako: I just came across some rather belligerent squirrels
Anton Dresden: ...
Ruslan Mako: I think they were larger than usual
Ruslan Mako: They bit me
Anton Dresden: You should mark that on a map.
Ruslan Mako: Yeah. Good idea chap
Anton Dresden: Did you shoot them?
Ruslan Mako: Of course not! Why mark it on the map if theres nothing left!
Andrei Baskov: I did
Anton Dresden: Alright, then.
Ruslan Mako: Ill pay you some Ru NOT to shoot them
Anton Dresden: Uhm...
Anton Dresden: I don't need RU to not be a violent psychopath.
Ruslan Mako: I mean, people will look at my map and say "Wheres the bloody squirrels"
Anton Dresden: Well, I don't think they'd say "Bloody"
Anton Dresden: I think that's a British slang.
Ruslan Mako: Quite right.
Anton Dresden: Why do you have a British accent?
Anton Dresden: Then again, I have a German accent, so...
Ruslan Mako: Well... I was born in the motherland, great britain herself.
*** Ruslan Mako tears up
*** Anton Dresden pats Ruslan on the shoulder.
Anton Dresden:'s alright...
Ruslan Mako: Then again, parents were russian, so I got this Russian name.
Ruslan Mako: Why cant I be CHARLES damn it all!
Anton Dresden: My father was a brutal racist.
Anton Dresden: Hm.
*** Ruslan Mako starts to recollect himself
Anton Dresden: You could just get a name change.
Ruslan Mako: Well. I must be go-
Anton Dresden: "Charles Winchester"?
Ruslan Mako: Bloody brilliant... you good sir, are genius.
Ruslan Mako: Ill be going now. Ill see you again , and when so, I will be... Charles... Winchester!
Anton Dresden: Alright.
Anton Dresden: See you.
Ruslan Mako: Later chap


Entry in a journal:

Dear Journal,

  Today I met a rather dashing stalker, Anton was the name he goes by. We had a talk after I ran into some

rather... frisky squirrels. I think one of them bit me. Anyways, I've decided to change my name to "Charles

Winchester" , I figured since I've always wanted a true brit name , I could just go around calling myself

Charles. Quite genius, quite genius indeed.

Ruslan Mako
Charles Winchester


An album of photos found inside a portfolio with "The zone" written on it:

These are some pictures I took with my rubbish little camera. The look isnt too bad, considering, and these are to let you know what the map will look like.

Best Regards
- Charles

The main town:
This is where all the stalkers come to gather round the flame. The saps live in pretty bad conditions, and one stalker told me there some kind of "suckerblooder" inside the sewers, however they smelled like the arse of a scot , so I decided not to go and take any pictures.

That stalker:
This here is a normal "stalker" which stands for some kind of acronym of sorts. This one here is named Anton, hes the one who convinced me to change my name.

The pond:
Heres the pond, no it a lake, or some kind of watering hole of sorts. I was taking a relief when I heard some odd chittering behind me, and to my surprise I see a horde of restless looking squirrels. God rest the queen's soul, but those squirrels scared the loyalty to the crown right o- There I go rambling again...just rambling and rambling...*Goes on for a few more pages*

Inside the town:
This shows that all of us have a children inside us, it shows even more when you try sliding down and get stuck in the slide.

Poor fellow:
Some unfortunate fellow got shot in the back of the noggin, and I found him by this tree. I didnt need the gun at the time, so I left it for some not-so-unfortunate fellow to find.

The fort "something":
Quite the whopper of a tale here. I found this place in the middle of no-where, and I yell to see if anyone is inside, there is and they let me in. Anyways, when I ask the name of the place, they tell me they dont know! Can you believe that! They didnt know the name of where they were! If that was me , I might have exploded into a bit of angry and knowledge hungry dust! So I asked the stalker to name the fort, in his honor. He said something in french that I didnt catch too well, so I think I'll just name it Fort Winchester or maybe Fort Charles.
Quite a fitting name if I say so myself

One a more serious note:
Heres a place that I got bad vibes from since I laid my eyes on it. It looked like a broken and rubbish little homestead, until I got closer. I saw two of those stalker types running away from the fort shooting , and another one get blown away. I think they were escaping.When I asked for the name I didnt get any response , save a mess of barrels in my face. Its not always easy being a cartographer. I decided to name the place "Castrum Idiota" , Its latin for "Fort Idiot".

Friendly Face:
I got this close up of a member of the "Dimfree" faction around a campfire near a very barren spot. Makes for a nice photo but hurts the eyes quite a bit. I hear these Dimfrees are very relaxed, and enjoy a good ale. I could be mates with them I suppose.

The Tree:
This could quite rightly be the sexiest tree in existence, or at least in the forest. I had to cut a picture up to highlight it, as I didnt realize how perfect it was when I first snapped the photo. On looking back I only wish to find it again.


Reserved Messege Space


More Reserved Space


More More Reserved Space


Entry in a journal

Dear Journal,

  Today I was whacking around the bush, looking for something new, when I stumbled upon a dandy looking bunch of walnut like fruits. I took some pictures, but they didnt turn out very well so I'll leave them out. Anyways, I decided to go ahead and eat a few of them , as a test. I was going to mark on the map where the walnuts grew, until I got a nasty looking rash on my neck, and I'll tell you, it wasnt very pleasant , especially when it spread... down there. Needless to say, it was a time of suffering, and I am leaving the walnuts out of the map, no man needs to live through that.



Entry in a journal

Dear Journal,

 Today I heard word of another slave camp being set up near where I was, so I set out to investigate. The man seemed very hostile, and I think he shot up a few stalkers. So, in order to get inside of the area and take some photos, I pretended I wanted to turn in a stalker to a life of slavery. Of course I never would, but I had to get some inside knowledge of the place, seeing as someone would probably pay rather well for it. So I said I was going to look around the place, and I did while taking pictures with a small camera that is fitted up my sleeve. I managed to find out that it was in fact a slave camp, and what it looked like inside. If needed there are sufficient trees around the compound that could be climbed, if enough time is given. I managed to sell the photographs to a fellow who was wearing an exo suit, and had a rather large and un-sightly scar. I asked him about him but he got very moody. I'll write more about my capture and valiant escape tomorrow, as I am tired. As of now , I am huddled with some members of "Freedom" ( Appearantly the group's name is Freedom not "Dimfree" as previously called, though I will see how long I can get away with calling them "Dimfree" ) We are around a nice warm fire, and one of them is playing the guitar. I think one of them passed out from all the vodka he drank. He smells funny.



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I like the idea of a journal

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Damn, wally. Your a post whore in here!


For some reason, I have a sudden urge to say **Steals the journal and writes line after line of "The Cake is a lie."

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I wouldnt put it beyond him, it just wouldnt happen on purpose


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