Character/Player Kills Q & A *Old*

Started by Fluffy, 01-01-2010

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Character Kill

A Character Kill is a permanent end to the character's storyline. Once they are dead, their dead. Those wishing to CK a player must fill out an application and have it approved by a Head Admin. Once approved, the CK must be carried out within a week of been approved otherwise another application will have to be made. If the application is denied, you must wait two weeks before you can submitt another one. Anyone may request a CK.

You must have a valid RP reason as to why a person deserves to be CKed. Again, there must be a valid RP reason. If a person's CK application is approved to attempt a CK on another person, they are also vulnerable of being CKed.
The person who filled out a CK application must be at the scene of the attempted CK in order for it to be valid. One exception to this rule would be a CK performed via Mercenaries.

When your CK'ed

When your character is CK'ed, you will loose everything associated with that character including weapons, rank, items and name. If you are CKed, you may not join the same faction for a week from the date of being CK'ed, even on your new character. You may not gain leader status in the same faction for two weeks from the date of being CKed. You must RP your way back up as faction leader. You cannot pass it off to a relative of the other character that you create or similar means to instantly regain leader status.

Player Kill

PKs work similar to CKs, they can only be approved faction leaders, (The faction leader can only PK his own faction members) by SV, and Head Staff. Additionally, Players who have a valid reason and the sufficient amount of money, can hire (Offical) Mercenaries to complete a faction PK on a player and the reason must be presented to a leader of the Mercenaries undertaking the killing and additionally shown to the approvers (SV, Faction Leaders, Head Staff).

When your PK'ed

Once the PK has been completed (IE: The person killed) they are removed from the faction. When someone leaves or gets kicked from a faction, when getting PKed, they lose any memory about the faction including its members, any events that occur in relation with or to the faction, and any special locations (HQ, hideout etc that aren't public knowledge). You will not lose anything but memory. If the PK fails the members of the faction can not apply to get said person CKed unless they cause a reason for them to be CKed. PKing cannot be performed by unoffical factions (EG: Unoffical Loner groups).

Any Questions may be posted here.


Would it be possible to get an "After the fact" application as well? The current one requires you to know in advance who's going to do it and relies on the target to not metagame should he see his name in an app. I realize the reason it's in advance is to make sure people have RP'd thoroughly, but sometimes in game things might happen just out of RP that might lead to someone needing to be permakilled. Ideally that player will be a good enough RP to understand it's the end of the line, but given how few CKs have ever been performed on the server I very much doubt that will reliably work.

For example when I got CK'd on my old Freedomer (Vasily Petrov), Radek and Nitro had no idea they would be killing me that day and neither did I. Just the way the RP went made me realize that Vasily should probably be dead after it. So I took the CK myself. But if there was a similar situation in which the player who should be dead refuses to die, then maybe we should have a separate app that looks like this:

Name and Faction of Target:
Name  and Faction of Killer:
Logs/Screens/Background info as to why this should be a CK:
Other Witnesses and their Faction:

So say I think Joe should be perma killed because I jammed my knife through his eye socket after he tried to assassinate Bob. Joe is a whiney bitch and refuses to accept the fact that he's been caught by the whole faction and should probably be Pk'd. I post the log of what went down and others who were at the killing post their with their logs or whatever. Admin in charge of PKs goes over the evidence and hears Joe's pleas as to why he should not be PK'd. Admin decides Joe should be PK'd and that's the end of it.

Now the reason we can't just then try and let this go and allow Joe to live and then fill out an application to get Joe later is because 1. the NLR means he's a new guy so we can't CK him for something we already killed him for and 2. Joe might be a metagaming prick who, upon seeing how close he was to death the first time, will refuse to RP with anyone close to that faction for fear of being PK'd. This "after the fact" app will allow players to put an end to that.


I think that would be an excellent Idea, Killslim should probably go over this and see what he wants to do, he has been put in charge of CK's and PK's.