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Name: Trogan Beltway
Zone Name: Gatlin
Age: 33
Race: Australian
Status: Alive
Time In Zone: 4 Years
Rank: Expert
Faction: Bandit
Reputation: Very Bad
DUTY: Hostile
Freedom: Hostile
Military: Hostile
Mercs: Hostile
Loners: Hostile
Bandits: Hostile/Excellent
Monolith: Hostile
Ecologists: Friendly
Clear Sky: Friendly
Traders: Hostile/Neutral
The Aces: Friendly
Red Dawn: Hostile
Raven's Eye: Hostile

Gatlin's Backstory
Age 1-18
Trogan was born on February 14th, 1981. His mother and father were proud to have their first born son. His parents weren't the richest people in the world, they lived in the badlands in Australia and they didn't have most of the world's pleasures. Trogan when to the nearest school which honestly wasn't that good. He was just a normal kid, having crushes, getting in fights, talking shit with his friends. He graduated high school with good enough grades to get him into a decent college. The college was in England, but he didn't want to leave his Mom or Dad. He has never been to a big city or town. He was scared. His parents insisted for him to go and be obeyed them like he always has. He flew to England with the little money he had saved from summer jobs. He was going to the college when he saw a girl that made his head explode. Her name was Morgan.
Age 19-28
Trogan after graduating college married Morgan. He was 25 when he first heard of the Zone. It was also the year his twin boys were born. Both had green eyes and blonde hair. He was amazed by the phenomenon of the Zone, but soon lost interest because of his situation at home. He couldn't get a job, even with his degree in Physics. Neither could his wife, they were stuck. They quickly found them selves in desperate situation, they started fighting and nearly got a divorce but they toughed through it. They spent the next 3 year they lived in poverty. Trogan tried just drinking his problems away at the local bars, he was working at a local burger joint with minimum wage and his wife was working as a greeter at Wal-Mart. He heard of people sneaking into the Zone. People going in and coming out rich, bringing back the smallest trinket and getting thousands. He knew what he had to do, he need to go into the Zone. To save his family, to bring them out of this poverty. He talked to Morgan and she nearly slapped him right there and yelled no, but she thought, and thought. She realized this is what they needed, their boys were getting bigger and needed more food and clothes. She gave him the last of their emergency money and kissed him good-bye. He said he would be back in 5 years. They would be rich.
Age 29
Trogan entered the Zone with nothing but a heavy jacket, a couple hundred dollars, and a old combat knife. He had no idea what to do and the people in the village just told him to buzz off and go talk to the "fat asshole." Which led him to a little bunker with indeed a "fat asshole" in it. He talked with the man and he filled him in with the dangers of the Zone. Trogan was scared, really scared. He didn't care though, he had to save his family. He bought the gun with the very little cash he had and examined it, he had never used a gun before, but he knew he would need it. He headed into the wilderness. He ran into a couple mutants and quickly learned to aim for the head. One nearly took his head off. He survived though, he got to a Military checkpoint and they let him through. Then, he saw him, a man in a brown overcoat and black ski mask. The man was holding some other man by the hair and had what looked like a sub machine gun to the back of the man's head. He heard a scream and then a single shot. He just saw a human being die, right in front of him. The man in the brown overcoat looked right at Trogan and started to walk towards him. Trogan didn't know what to do. He just started running. He finally managed to make it to a small abandoned building and he rested there. "I can't believe he just killed that man..." he said to himself, clutching his PM in his hand. He finally got himself back together and looked outside and saw the man walking not to far away "How the hell did he catch up so fast?..." he asks himself as he draws his knife in his right hand, his PM in his left. Trogan had no choice, he had to take this man's life. He quietly exited the building without being noticed and managed to get behind the man. Trogan lunged with his knife aiming for the man's neck but he must have heard him a mile away because he whipped around smashed into Trogan's side with the barrel of his Viper 5. "Did you really think you could out sneak a bandit?" the man asks as he puts the barrel of the gun to Trogan's head to deliver a killing blow. Trogan closed his eyes and waited to die, their was nothing he could do. He was ashamed, he didn't even make it in the Zone for 1 day, he left his family down, he would have killed himself right their if the Bandit was going to kill him already. Just then, it was like a ray of light shot down from heaven, well. If you count the bullet of a Military sniper as a light from heaven. A Military sniper had watched the event unfold from the check point about a quarter of a mile behind them and took the shot before he killed Trogan. Brain matter and blood showered Trogan and he immediately threw up from the smell. He knew the blood and flesh might attract mutants so he quickly looked through the man's body for anything he could use. He snatched up the Viper 5 and all the ammo the man had on him. Took a couple thousand in Roubles. He was trying to remove the man's coat when he spotted a tattoo on the man's neck: G.A.T.L.I.N is what it spelled. He liked the ring of it "Might of been his name" he says to himself as he stands up. He decided to leave the jacket, considering it was soaked in blood. Trogan waved to the Military sniper and ran back to the check point to thank him. "So what is your name?" the sniper asked curiously, SvD in hand. Trogan thought for a second and looked up
"My name is......Gatlin."
Age 30
Trogan, now known as Gatlin, has become use to the Zone. He looks different as well, he got his hair cut and has a dark tan. He is known around Cordon, but not as a good STALKER. He is known for being one of the most ruthless bandits in Cordon. He quickly gave up on finding his own artifacts. He couldn't even find the smallest trinket, he thought back to the man. The man in the brown coat. He knew that he had power, and if he was killing other people, he wasn't finding his own. He considered himself as the best bandit in Cordon and possibly in the entire area of the Zone. He had to have at least 5 secret stash, each one with thousands of stolen roubles, weapons, and artifacts. He was decently equipped now. He had a Ak-47M that was silenced and scoped. A silenced M1911 Colt graced his hip joint and he traded in that piece of shit knife for a small machete. Useful for taking out civilian zombies. He even managed to raid a Military base with a well coordinated attack with several other well known Bandits. He did have sides though, he supplied any and all information to Freedom about what the Military and DUTY are doing. He likes Freedom's cause. He only had 3 years to go, then he could go back home. DUTY offend raided the Freedom, but one day, Gatlin lended a hand. Gatlin informed Freedom of the massive raid to come, the raid that would have ended Freedom forever. There was a group of 20 Fleshed-Out DUTY closing in, heavily armed, one with a Guass Rifle. The best gun Freedom had was a SvD and they gave him the honor of using it. He only had 20 rounds, so he had to shoot carefully. He was going to be sniping from the opposite side of the Freedom base so he could surprise the DUTY. Gatlin set up his position, hidden by the trees he waited. Then he heard it, the march of 20 armed DUTY, shouting war cries. Soon after that he heard gunfire, the entire area lite the fuck up. Gatlin quickly took aim and fired once and missed, he cursed, saying things that would make sailor's cry. He fired a second time, and it head right on target, the bullet passed right through the DUTY's heart, killing him instantly. Gatlin let out a war cry before firing again and killing yet another DUTY. He was enjoying this. He was over taken by so much bloodlust he didn't notice the DUTY with the Guass Rifle noticed his position and was aiming right at him. The DUTY fired, the beam of energy grazed Gatlin's face and cut it wide open. He screamed in pain before firing wildly at the DUTY holding the Guass Rifle. The DUTY must have had 7 rounds to the gut before he was done firing. Gatlin dropped the rifle then fell over holding the side of his face, tears flowing out of his eyes, making it sting worse. He patched up his head and then with the one good eye he had left look down at the combat zone. Then he realized, their was no shooting. He looked down, 20 DUTY lay dead across the valley and road. But, their were much more Freedom causalities. He looked at all the guard towers, every sniper, dead. He checked all the other guard positions, dead. Their was one Freedom crying and moaning over the body of another. One was screaming from pain, he was trying to keep his intestines from falling out. One of the few Freedom with a exo-suit had a holy clean through him, took a Guass round right through the gut. One of the factories was on fire. He quickly slung the rifle over his back and ran down the hill as fast as a blind dog. He reached the entrance to the base and looked at the bloodshed. He walked over the dead bodies, he saw one DUTY that was still alive. Barely. The DUTY was muttered something, something Gatlin will remember to this day. The DUTY looked up at Gatlin with his last seconds of life and smiled "I am sorry." Gatlin says before he drew his Silenced M1911 Colt and delivered a sinlge silenced shot to the man's head. The blood painting the wall behind him. Gatlin holstered his sidearm and looked up at the sky and said
"??? ???? ????? ????..."

Age 31
Gatlin is complete hardened by the Zone. He has a reputation for being ruthless. He trains bandits to be just as ruthless. He trusts only a few. His pact with Freedom is over, they betrayed him. They said he was the one attacking the base that day. They even tried to kill him, the only thing he showed back was the barrel of a L85. He sold his AK for a L85 and bought a Desert Eagle. He keeps the M1911 for special missions. He has killed many innocent STALKERS, they just don't seem to get it, they don't stand a chance. They try to resist, they try to fight back, they all end up the same, dead and cold, wishing they hadn't have made the choice. One of the few people he trusts goes by the name of "Plague" Gatlin has helped Plague on many missions, one day he helped him with taking out some Military and Freedom who were coming down a road, which was loaded with landmines. They didn't see it coming. A couple days later Plague led Gatlin and a crew of other veteran bandits into the back of a Military base that was in complete chaos, all the major factions were colliding in one place. Freedom, DUTY, and Military, all in one huge clusterfuck. It was the perfect distraction. The mission was a success and Gatlin added another weapon to his arsenal, a Abakan. Gatlin no longer considers himself as a Robber, Mugger, or Thug after that day. He thinks he is a god, he is growing more cocky everyday. He believes he can control the outcome of many things with his status. He could supply information to DUTY about a Freedom, or he couldn't, he could take out a Military Major, or he could kill the Freedom Leader, it was all up to him.
He thinks he is a god.

Age 32
Gatlin is now 1 year closer to going home. It has been a month sense his last raid on a base, and he was about to go on another. He walked into the Cordon village, the place where he started. He walked up to the front guard, the guy that protects from weak mutants and bandits, well he didn't even see Gatlin coming. Gatlin pulled out his Silenced M19111 and shot the guard once in the forehead. Gatlin dragged the body behind a fence and looked around for anyone looking, no one saw him. He holstered his weapons and walked to the campfire. He sat down and listened to the rookie STALKERS talk about why their there and who they are. He didn't care, a couple even flattered him about his weaponry and suit. He thanked them with a fake smile and stood up. He headed into the Trader's bunker. He walked down the cold slippery steps, and opened the large think metal door. There laid the same Fatman that he saw his first day in the Zone. The man looked up and his eyes widened "Dear god! It is you! Trogan Beltway..or should I say Gatlin? You are quite the subject around here, people talk of your expl-" That was the last thing the Fatman said before Gatlin drew his M1911 Colt and put it to the man's head "Open, the fucking, door." Gatlin said with no emotion before shoving the gun harder into the man's forehead. The Trader quickly opened the door and let Gatlin behind the counter. Gatlin helped himself, he grabbed all the guns, artifacts, money, ammunition, armor, and documents he could carry. The Trader watched reluctantly as Gatlin raided his little bunker. Gatlin turned around and looked the Trader in the eyes "I will not kill you, I will let you live, spread the word of Gatlin, the worlds greatest Bandit. Gatlin smacked the Trader in the back of the head with his pistol, knocking him out. Gatlin walked out of the bunker, his loot rattling in his backpack. He headed right through the village, know one noticed him, they were all examining the dead body of a guard "Poor guy." Gatlin muttered as he passed. It took him 3 days to get to the Bar, all the extra weight slowed him down. When he finally reached the Bar he went into a supposed "abandoned" warehouse that he used as a home. He set down his backpack which made a big THUD! when it hit the ground. He pulled out the loot and put it in a large trunk he used for stashing. He stole a good bit of stuff from that poor little Trader.
10 Jellyfish
4 Meat Chunks
9 Moons
7 Steel Skins
8 Fireballs
16 Droplets
1 VSS Vintorez
3 AK-74Ms
1 Styer TMP
6 Fort-12s
2 Stalker Suits
1 Merc Suit
1 Monolith Suit
1 Custom Groza with Silencer, scope, and grenade launcher.
Many documents from many factions and experiments.
Many PDA's and Flash Drives giving him information about stashes.

Quite a good haul.

1 Month Later
Gatlin stumbled into his warehouse home, he was sweating and out of breath. It had taken him 5 hours, but he had finally managed to sell all the unused stuff in his main stash. He sold all the artifacts, documents, weapons, suits, and supplies he had stolen over the years. He raked in big, 1,200,000. He was so happy he sold all his equipment and bought some fresh equipment. He bought a M92F Beretta pistol, a set of brown cloaks (good for camouflage), and a FN2000. He finally had enough money to send back home. He packed up the money and shipped it back to his family thanks to the Barkeep's connections. He kept 10,000 for himself to use. He was so happy that he could finally send money to help his family. He walked into the Bar and actually talked to someone that wasn't a Bandit in a long time. He chatted with everyone, bought drinks for everyone. He was actually having fun, for the first time in 3 years, he was having fun. He walked out of the Bar a little tipsy but happy. He stumbled down the streets back to his home, it was pitch black, when like lightening, it struck him. A VSS Vintorez round went through his gut. He fell to the ground screaming in pain, he heard something, movement. He was in so much pain he could barely see but he got a clear glimpse of what had shot him. A Fleshed-Out Merc with a VSS Vintorez was standing on top of the nearby arena building, his armor shinning in the moonlight. The Merc pulled out a radio and said "Mission complete, target eliminated." The Merc jumped down the building, the exo-suit protecting him. He snatched up everything Gatlin had except his pistol which he had dropped when he fell. Gatlin lay their, bleeding, waiting to die. Tears started to flow out of his eyes "This is how it must end...all this work...for nothing..." he thought about his family, his beautiful wife Morgan then he smiled " was for something..." he closed his eyes and lost conscience. He woke up 2 days later, he was in a bed. He looked down at his body, the entire lower part of his torso was wrapped with bandages. He quickly snatched up his pistol and looked around the small room. He walked over to the dresser and opened it up. A set of clothes was in there, along with a black leather jacket in a face mask. He put the face mask on and put the rest of the clothes on before putting on the jacket. He spotted a note of the dresser and picked it up, it read

Dear, Gatlin
Looks like you have to start over.
Your Savior

He couldn't help but laugh at the note before putting his pistol in the jacket holster. He walked out of the room and out of the small building. It was a small hut outside the Freedom base. Looks like he does have to start all over.
"And so the cycle begins again"


Age 33
Gatlin sat atop a large hill, it over looked a large part of the god forsaken wasteland. He thought of the people he had killed, the things he had done. He looked down at himself. He had sold all of his weapons except for a desert eagle and Toz. He was going home, home to see his family. He was wearing normal clothes, his bandit clothes were tucked away in his bag, along with the weapons, money and artifacts he was planning on selling when he got home. He loaded himself on the truck that was taking him out of this living hell. The truck started to drive and he quickly found himself alone and tired in the back of the truck. He quickly fell asleep, even if the ride was a little bumpy. When he awoke, he was at a small local Ukranian airport. He went to the air field and found the plane he had booked for a private flight. He got onto the plane, his belongings loaded in the back. They flew for what seemed like hours until they finally landed in London airport. He got off quickly and got into the nearest taxi. He told the driver to take him to 174, Lake Shore Drive. It didn't take them long to reach it. He got out of the cab and looked up at his tiny tiny house. He paid the cabbie and grabbed his belongings. He ran up to the door and knocked loudly. A women answered the door, a very old woman. She had to be at least 70 and had a really sour face. "Um...what are you doing in my house?" asked Gatlin. "This is my house, the last owner got hitched with some fast talking fella about a 4 years ago. Gatlin blinked and dropped his belongings. Morgan....she had...left him...she didn't even wait a year...all that work..all that danger...all the lives taken...all the deeds done...for nothing... Gatlin screamed with anger and punched the side of the house, making a dent in the tin siding. Gatlin turned around and started walking. He didn't care where, all he knew was. He had one place where he truly belonged now.

Two Weeks Later
Gatlin had on his black cloaks. His desert eagle was strapped onto his hip, the Toz slung over his back. He checked his parachute then looked at the pilot of the helicopter. They were hovering 1000 feet above the Zone. The pilot nodded and Gatlin nodded back and jumped out of the helicopter. He left himself freefall for a couple seconds before he pulled his chute. It dragged him upwards, knocking the breath out of him. It was a full minute before he hit the ground rolling. "Time to get to work." he said to himself as he drew a radio and switched it to the Aces's frequency. "Anyone there?" "Well holy whore shit! Gatlin, that you mate? I thought you left us for good?" "No, me wife was a lying whore, I am back. I will meet you in Wild Territory." He turned put up his radio and started to take off the parachute. After struggling with the parachute for a little while, he was free. He stood up and started walking, he was just past the garbage and heading towards the Bar. He passed a lone STALKER sitting under what looked like a old bus stop. He had a fire going and was playing guitar. "Hi" Gatlin said as he examined the STALKER's weapon. It was Abakan, a decent assualt rifle, a hell of a lot better than this piece of shit Toz. The STALKER looked up and asked "Hello, I know who you are, you are going to kill me aren't you..." the STALKER said with certainty. "No, I won't kill you." Gatlin just snatched up the STALKER's weapon and threw him his Toz and all the ammo for it. "Just a trade" Gatlin said before he started to walk towards the DUTY checkpoint. 'First life I have spared in a long time' Gatlin thinks as he walks threw the checkpoint and through the doors. He walked around the bar, seeing if anything had changed. He went in to the "100 Rads Bar" to see if anything had happened while he was gone. He was stopped by a odd poster on the wall. It was a wanted poster, with Gatlin's face plastered to it. It said he was wanted Dead, for First-Degree Murder, Armed Robbery, Assualt, Vehicular Manslaughter, and Kidnapping. A 5,000,000 RU reward for him. "Just fucking great" Gatlin says as he reads it. He feels the cold barrel of a pistol press up against the back of his head. "Pu-pu-put your hands up!" says a obviously scared voice. Gatlin quickly grabbed the barrel of the gun and twisted around, shoving the barrel of gun up in the air just as the Rookie fired a round. "Please don't kill me!" the Rookie yelled "To late." Gatlin tore the handgun from the Rookie's hands and shot him once in the skull, killing him instantly. He walked into the bar, thank god it was a no weapons zone.

1 Hour Later
Gatlin ran from the bar. Tracer rounds flying past him, nearly taking his head off. He ran up a hill and looked down at the bloodsucker village. It was probably the safest place for him right now. He ran down the hill and jumped into the nearest house. He scrammbled to the nearest house and sat against the wall under a window near the door. Cold sweat ran down his face as he sat there. He finally got the nerve to look out the window, to see if anything or anyone was coming. He looked up at the hill just as 6 fleshed-out Mercs came over the hill. They were all well equiped. Their exo-suits were state-of-the-art. He pulled out his Desert Eagle and checked the clip. He didn't stand a chance against them head on. They had ambushed the Aces camp, he was the only that got away. They were after the bounty on his head, 5,000,000 RU. He was positive a lot of other people were. "Come out now! We will make your dead painless!" shouted one Merc. Gatlin sighed and crawled accross the floor, towards the back door of the dark, damp, destroyed house. One of the Mercs flipped on their night vision and looked down at the house. He spotted Gatlin crawling just out of view. "He is in that house down there! Lets move!" commanded one Merc holding a scoped LR-300. They all quickly moved down the hill. They were at the door of the house in a matter of seconds, they were just about to move in and end Gatlin. When out from the night, like a mutated ray from God, 3 bloodsuckers pounced on the Mercs. Sending them into dismay and choas. Gatlin took advantage of his luck and pulled out his Desert Eagle. He fired his entire clip at the Merc standing in the doorway, shooting at one of the bloodsuckers. 3 of the rounds hit the Merc in the gut, and two more in the head. Gatlin reloaded his pistol and started to run. The only safe place left was the Dark Valley. He ran over the hill and spotted a campfire with 2 Freedom sitting around it. Gatlin ran down the hill and pounced on the one to the left. The Freedomer to the right pulled out his Groza but couldn't get a clear shot in the struggle. Gatlin tossed the Freedomer he was wrestling with at the Freedomer to the right. They hit head on then Gatlin moved in with his knife. Stabbing them both to death. He grabbed all the supplies they had on them before running. He had to get away. He was positive every fucker in the Zone was after him. It had been two hours sense the encounter with the two Freedomers. He had not made contact with a hostile sense. After sneaking through the bar, he had managed to reach the Dark Vallley. He ran to the research facility. It was a Bandit haven. He ran into the main warehouse facility and looked around, seeing at least 30 Bandits. He smiled, feeling welcome. He walked to one wearing black cloaks liked him and asked him where he could stay. The man pointed to a platform that lead to the second floor. Gatlin ran up the stairs to the catwalk. When he finally reached the second floor he walked down one of the hallways until he found a room where several other bandits were sleeping. He laid down and quickly fell asleep. Looks like this is where he was going to be staying for a little while.

Weeks Later
Gatlin whipped the sweat from his brow as he leaned against the wall of the factory for cover. Military were raiding, try to take back the factory from Bandits. He was trying to lay low, and he thought he could come out of hiding soon. The bounty hunters stopped coming a couple weeks back. Most of them were Rookies, picked off by Bandit snipers. He unpinned a F1 grenade and threw it out the large door, landing under one of the Miliary jeeps. It exploded and disabled the vechile. He reloaded his Abakan and leaned around the door, shooting at the least remaining Military. 3 other Bandits concentrated their fire on the remaining Military. In a matter of minutes the remaining Military were no more. Just as the sun was setting. Gatlin gathered up his belongings then thanked one of the Bandits who helped keep the place in order. He walked out of the factory. Heading to Wild Terrirtory, he was going to see his Aces. Well, what was left of them. It took him a full day to reach Wild Terrirtory, he was exhasted and ready to rest when he slowly walked into his old Aces base. He looked near the center and spotted 6 people sitting around a campfire. They were all wearing black cloaks, the customary Aces logo sewen onto the shoulder of each Bandit. One of them looked up at Gatlin and smiled "He comrade! We all thought you left for good!" Gatlin smiled and walked closer to the campfire. "So where are the others?" "Mercanaries, they took them all out. They were cowards, shot them all from behind." Gatlin threw his bag against the wall in anger and screamed "WHAT?!" "Gatlin, we are the only Aces left." Gatlin let out a scream then walked over to the weapons cabinet. He pulled out a VSS Vintorez and loaded it. He turned around and looked at the Aces around the campfire. They were starring at him as if he was the devil himself. "Come on boys! We are going Mercinary hunting! Time to show them what is like for them to be the prey!" They all stood up and let out a war cry. They loaded their weapons and put on their facemasks. They all walked ran out of factory, their cloaks flapping behind them. Gatlin had two desert eagles strapped to his hips, a VSS rattled on his back as they ran through the darkness of night. They reached the hill that overlooked the Bloodsucker Village and they spotted a small camp of Freedomers. Gatlin did not have to say a word, they ran down the hill, the 3 bandits following him drew their side arms. One sported a desert eagle, the other a Bizon, and the third one a TMP. Gatlin ran right through the campfire. Moving so fast it didn't burn him, it just shot flamming embers into the eyes of the Freedomers. They all screamed in pain but that was the last sound they ever made, the three bandits ran past them, firing. 2 of the 3 Freedomers died instantly. The other was suffering a mortal wound in the chest. "Let him suffer!" Gatlin commanded before taking off through the bloodsucker village. He saw a bloodsucker walking uncloaked across the village, glad he didn't cross it's path. When the Aces finally reached the other side, they ran up the hill. There it was, a Mercinary outpost sat at the end of the road. The flags hung over the barricades. Gatlin cocked his VSS and told them to take sniping postions. They were going to deliver Hell's Rain. The other 3 Aces took up sniping positions. Each of them well covered. For a Mercinary outpost it sure was under guarded and shitty looking. 2 Mercs were standing guard, 4 were sitting around a campfire. One was messing with a jeep. And the final one was in a abandoned bus stop messing with what looked like a fancy AK-47. He took aim at one of the guards with his VSS. He thought of all the friends and comrades he had lost to these bastards. He thought of how they tried to kill him, this was pay back, he was going to enjoy it. He closed his eyes in a moment of silence, honoring his fallen comrades, before he pulled the trigger, firing a burst of 3 shots. All 3 shots hit the guard in the head, it send skull fragments, brain pieces, and blood everywhere. That is when the other Aces knew to open fire. They fired, Gatlin didn't care any more about accuracy, this was about revenge. He aimed in the general direction of the campfire. He fired a full clip and only 1 dropped dead. The other Aces quickly took care of the other guard and others at the campfire. Gatlin pulled out one of his desert eagles and then drew his knife in his other hand. He was going to take care of these others personally. He charged down the hill, his VSS flapping behind him along with his cloaks. When he reached the outpost he spotted the one that was working on the jeep. He was holding his shoulder, one of the Aces had hit him, thinking he was dead. Gatlin didn't have any mercy for these pathetic dogs. He drew his combat knife and dug it right into the man's head. The mercinary screamed and blood started pouring from his nose. Gatlin shoved the Desert Eagle against the Merc's throat and pulled the trigger. His wind pipe hanging out of the exit wound. Gatlin ran over the to partly destroyed bustop where the other one had been. He was in the corner of the bus stop, shivering in fear after watching Gatlin brutally murder the other mercinary. The Merc dropped the Ak he was holding and begged for mercy "Please! Please don't kill me! I am sorry! We were told to kill your friends! I didn't have a choice!" the Merc yelped in fear. "Yes, you did have a choice, and now I am making the same decision you did!" Gatlin threw his desert eagle to the ground and grabbed the mercinary by the throat with his now free hand. He started to squeeze, the mercinary screamed "Please no!" Please!" Gatlin squeezed harder to shut him up, and he did. Gatlin put his knife in the mercinary's mouth and litterally cut out his tounge. The mercinary tried to scream with pain but only a moan could be heard as the tounge slide from his mouth. Blood gushed from the mercinary's mouth. Gatlin withdrew the knife and then poked the tip in the mercinary's eye, just enough to hook the eyeball on the knife. He pulled, bringing the knife, along with the eyeball, out. The mercinary moaned again, this time louder and more annoying. Gatlin dropped the man, he slide the desert eagle over to the mercinary and said "I want to see you do it...." the mercinary didn't care to live anymore, he just wanted to be rid of all the pain. He picked up the desert eagle and put it in his mouth. The mercinary waited a couple seconds, thinking if he should do it or not. "You took to long!" Gatlin exclaimed before kicking the butt of the desert eagle hard. It drove the barrel through the mercinary's skull, killing him instantly. Gatlin walked away, the other Aces were starring in disgust and amazment. "Our revenge is complete! I am giving a KOS order on all mercinaries!" They nodded and ran off into the darkness, back towards Wild Terrirtory. Gatlin walked through the cold black night, alone.


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It is how it be :gun_bandana:


Oh gawd small font is small


What do you mean Zstan, the font is normal sized oO