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Started by Welshy, 13-10-2009

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BR Director:
The Black Rain Director is the embodiment of Black Rain. He is the founder and the head, he makes all the major decisions and who he employs as his men.

Ganendor | Dmitri 'Feng' Vandov | STEAM_0:1:2793472

BR Contractors (2 Max):
Contractors are the head of Black Rain. They are the vice-leaders of Black Rain, they gather any contracts and hand them out to lower ranking members, ensuring the right people have the right jobs. They can influence the Directors decision, but not change it. All though in the Directors absence, these become the head of Black Rain, they are the most trusted and knowlageable of the mercs.

BR Members (10 Max):
Memebers are the members of Black Rain, they are the life-blood of the group. They do majority of the minor tasks and contracts. They can pick up and do small jobs, with permission from a Contractor or higher.

Aleksander Chernov | Celtic
Kirill Ivanov | Paintcheck
Boris | Jackal

BR Associates (Unlimited):
Associates are stalkers who have aided this group. They are allies and informants of the group. They are paid to keep taps on targets for assassination, information on faction and their bases and various other things. They aren't members of the group.

Freeze | Ghost

BR Trader (1 Max):
Black Rains personal trader. He supplies them with their current gear, but also supplies anyone who visits their current base.

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