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Started by Welshy, 29-08-2009

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"Panic, Fear, Sorrow, Death"
Black Rain

Silence. With a gust of wind, they move silently throught the woods. They do not stop untill their tasks are complete. Without fear, without remorse. They do their duty untill they die.

The stories of Black Rain are spread throughout the zone. People say their leader was once in the russian special forces, but was court marshialed on war crime charges. Also they say they have changed the balance of power within the zones factions. They are also known for taking people as slaves, and sell them to the highest bidder. But all the stories have somthing in comon. They all say that this group is extremely dangerous and never fail. Many traders believe they didnt exist till recently, when they came out of underground. Now people believe they are a based within the zone, in an abandoned outpost. But no one is really sure if they are. All people know is that they are back from the dead.

Backstory: Black Rain is shrowded in mystery. Few know of its exsistance, and less know their purpouse. All that is rumored is they are a group of trained mercaneries. They are hired for jobs that others couldnt do. It is also rumored that they have been in hiding for years, but for an unknown reason.
People say they are assassins, others say they are kidnappers. All people really do know is, they do the dirty work for people. And leave no trace. All that is truely known about them is they live by and follow their moto.
"Panic, Fear, Sorrow, Death"

OOC/Rules: This is a professional mercenary group. We are hired by factions for different tasks, such as assassination, infiltration and espionage or ambushing and kidnapping. We will take any job, but the above is what we specialise in. We promote different passive roleplaying as a part of this group. We are very restraint on who we have to kill and need a real reason to do so. This is not a group designed for DMing. It is primarily for roleplaying perpouses. We are disciplined and will always help each other. We are at neutral standing with everyone. So there's no need to fire on anyone unless fired upon. This group doesn't give you the privilage to kill who ever you want. If you do, we will not stand by you.

We specialise in:
Assault - These are the men who are hired for any aid in assaults, attacking certain people, and general bounty hunting. They are the brutes and the muscle of Black Rain.

Espionage - These men are the spies of Black Rain, they gather valuble intel such as location, equipment, personel Etc. These are the men who keep us alive and have a big role in contracts.

Shadow Ops - Shadow Ops is shrouded in mystery, not much is known about these men, even amongst their fellow mercs, other than their rumored jobs, like assassinations, kidnapping. These are the elite of Black Rain, and only few are picked. These men will have codenames Assigned to them, to keep their identities secretive.

Leaders - To become a leader of a Branch, you'll need to send me a private message why i should accept you as one, there will be no format. I want to see you guys use you're imagination to try and impress me.


BR Director:
The Black Rain Director is the embodiment of Black Rain. He is the founder and the head, he makes all the major decisions and who he employs as his men.
Ganendor | Dmitri 'Feng' Vandov | STEAM_0:1:2793472

BR Contractors:
Contractors are the head of Black Rain. They are the vice-leaders of Black Rain, they gather any contracts and hand them out to lower ranking members, ensuring the right people have the right jobs. They can influence the Directors decision, but not change it. All though in the Directors absence, these become the head of Black Rain, they are the most trusted and knowlageable of the mercs.

BR Mercenaries:
Mercenaries are the experianced members of Black Rain, they take part in more major contracts than Members, and have more influence within their numbers. They can take small contracts personally, but not major contracts, they can only take part in them. They are trusted members and are giving this rank from experiance and dedication.  

BR Members:
Memebers are the members of Black Rain, they are the life-blood of the group. They do majority of the minor tasks and contracts. They can pick up and do small jobs, with permission from a Contractor or higher.
Doomburger | Dimitri Petrov |
Zarrick | Psycho | STEAM_0:0:9964564

BR Associates:
Associates are mercenaries and stalkers who have shown intrest towards this group. They are the rookies of the group and recieve the smallest of tasks. Since they aren't tested for their trust, they can only recieve contracts and tasks from Mercenaries or higher, they cannot take on tasks on their own unless given permission from the Director personally.
Ispyudie | Andrey Makarov | STEAM_0:1:7741710
PimpmasterJ | Renkov Tarvenskiy | STEAM_0:0:17088385
Crimzon | Reaper |
Churro | Jade Strutgart |
EMceltics | Aleksander Chernov | STEAM_0:0:13074356
Poxkillerd | Kathy Creed | STEAM_0:0:13778615

Assault -
*Close Quaters*(x3)
Dimitri Petrov
Andrey Makarov

Espionage -
*Close Quaters*(x3)
*Small Arms*(x2)
Kathy Creed
Renkov Tarvenskiy

Shadow Ops -
*Shadow Ops*(x3)
Reaper One
Reaper Two
Reaper Three

Black Rain Trader -
Sergie Yurdansky | Doomburger

Applications- Due to the nature of the group. All applications will be done by PM. Please use the template. You may also apply to join In Character, which will be an automatic interview.
Application is to join this group with your character as it is. This doesn't mean you'll gain merc flags, it means you'll be considered a member. This group doesn't require you to have a flag to join, it is open to anyone looking to roleplay a mercenary.


[b]SF Name:[/b]

[b]Steam ID:[/b]

[b]What timezone are you in?:[/b]

[b]Do you have any other character in a Major Faction?:[/b]

[b]What is the moto and three main roles of Black Rain:[/b]

[b]Why do you want to join Black Rain:[/b]

[b]What is your past experiance within a group?:[/b]

[b]How long have you been roleplaying for?:[/b]

[b]What is the Black Rain Moto?:[/b]

[b]What are the Black Rain rules?:[/b]


[b]Characters Name:[/b]

[b]Characters Age:[/b]

[b]Characters Traits/Discription:[/b]

[b]Do you have any military experiance/skills:[/b]

[b]Characters Background:[/b]

[b]How did you character discover this group?:[/b]

[b]Which role branch do you with to follow:[/b]

-Denied-Reapply in a week after more In Character experiance with the group.
-Pending-See the Director or a Contractor Ingame for a further Roleplayed Interview.
-Accepted-If you're lucky to get this then you're automaticly an associate with the Black Rain Mercenaries.

Faction Relations

     └Inverted Sun:Neutral

Clear Sky:Neutral

N/A - Not Applicable
Friendly - Friendly
Neutral - Neutral
Hostile - Hostile

- New Members added. More slots available, keep those apps coming.

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New spots Open in the group. Get those apps in people. Only the best will become a part of my mercenaries

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I know this group RPs great, I've seen them in the old time.



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I don't like Green, so sue me.


Quote from: Crimzon_Reaper on 28-09-2009

I don't like Green, so sue me.
The papers will be in order by tomorrow.



Looks great! +support



Why the buggery hasn't this been accepted?
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Cleaning the roster up. If anyone wants to join, get you're apps in now.

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Todays Rally.  :D

The group is still growing, And apps are still open. I'll be accepting another 5 more apps.

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Best come see the best cook in the zone some time... hust dont rape him :{


Just an FYI to my fellow Mercs, I will be switching Steam accounts soon, the SF name will stay the same though (EMceltics108).


EM = electromagnetic celtics?


I think I quite possibly found this group to be a bit funner than DUTY, I dont know, maybe its the transition from order taking exo mofo to free lance do anything for money char, I dunno, maybe a Merc suits me alot more, maybe I just need somthing different, but at the moment, this group is awesome, and best of all, it has some of the servers best Rpers in it.



^Gay, Oh and



Nice, it looks like it's going well.

Oh yea and poxkillerd, resize your "five dollah foot long" sig.


+Support I had a good time with your mercs they are all good RPer's


I give it a support, but you now need a rival company to have bad blood with.