Black Rain Description and Rules

Started by Welshy, 13-10-2009

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"Panic, Fear, Sorrow, Death"
Black Rain

Silence. With a gust of wind, they move silently throught the woods. They do not stop untill their tasks are complete. Without fear, without remorse. They do their duty untill they die.

The stories of Black Rain are spread throughout the zone. People say their leader was once in the russian special forces, but was court marshialed on war crime charges. Also they say they have changed the balance of power within the zones factions. They are also known for taking people as slaves, and sell them to the highest bidder. But all the stories have somthing in comon. They all say that this group is extremely dangerous and never fail. Many traders believe they didnt exist till recently, when they came out of underground. Now people believe they are a based within the zone, in an abandoned outpost. But no one is really sure if they are. All people know is that they are back from the dead.

Backstory: Black Rain is shrowded in mystery. Few know of its exsistance, and less know their purpouse. All that is rumored is they are a group of trained mercaneries. They are hired for jobs that others couldnt do. It is also rumored that they have been in hiding for years, but for an unknown reason.
People say they are assassins, others say they are kidnappers. All people really do know is, they do the dirty work for people. And leave no trace. All that is truely known about them is they live by and follow their moto.
"Panic, Fear, Sorrow, Death"

OOC/Rules: This is a professional mercenary group. We are hired by factions for different tasks, such as assassination, infiltration and espionage or ambushing and kidnapping. We will take any job, but the above is what we specialise in. We promote different passive roleplaying as a part of this group. We are very restraint on who we have to kill and need a real reason to do so. This is not a group designed for DMing. It is primarily for roleplaying perpouses. We are disciplined and will always help each other. We are at neutral standing with everyone. So there's no need to fire on anyone unless fired upon. This group doesn't give you the privilage to kill who ever you want. If you do, we will not stand by you.

Faction Relations

     └Inverted Sun:Neutral

Clear Sky:Neutral

N/A - Not Applicable
Friendly - Friendly
Neutral - Neutral
Hostile - Hostile

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